Friday, April 22, 2016

Chocolate and hazelnut cake

This cake has an very romantic story. The lady that asked me for the cake wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday with something that he adores. Isn't it that love? The lady asked me for a cake that here, in Montreal, you can't find anywhere.The only reason for this it very simple. This cake recipe belongs to one of the biggest and most popular patisserie companies in Bulgaria.

Of course, I couldn't find anywhere the original recipe and I was stressed. Not because I can't create a cake but when somebody loves a particular cake he expects to try exactly the same. I know that feeling and I am sure that most of you know what I am talking about. I didn't want to disappoint the lady neither her husband. But what can I do? I made a research but nowhere I could find the original recipe. 

That's why I started with something essential - I found the different ingredients and I started with my experiment. The situation was a little bit weird because I created a cake without knowing was that the desired cake?!!?

Anyway, with the lady we created a new recipe. I made chocolate layers and vanilla layers with chocolate chips soaked with rum syrup. Then layers of Nutella cream filling, abundance of raw hazelnuts and soaked in rum white raisins and again another chocolate or vanilla layer. The cake was covered by dark chocolate ganache. The decoration on the top was made out of cream with white chocolate and raw hazelnuts.

I wish this lovely couple to keep forever their love so strong. The small things in our lives make the biggest differences.

Happy birthday! All the best!

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