Saturday, August 22, 2020

War Robots cake


Happy birthday, Christi!
I wish you a wonderful birthday! Have fun!

This cake is Christi's wish. That's his favorite game right now. Being honest with you I wasn't familiar with it. My kids play different games and now I learnt something new :)

The cake is a combination of vanilla and chocolate layers gently attached by light and fluffy vanilla cream. Fresh strawberries are added to the cream filling. All decorations are edible and made out of fondant.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Gold and roses

This birthday cake was a surprise made by a friend. It was a chocolate layered cake with chocolate ganache filling. Light pink butter cream, gold, macaroons, meringue, fondant roses and best wishes for a perfect birthday party!!!!

Are you ready for my photos? :))) Those of you who follow me know how many photos were taken by me...that's why sit down, relax, take a cup of coffee (or what you like) and let's enjoy the cake...

Геод торта за нашата София


Честит Рожден Ден,скъпа София!!! Бъди здрава и щастлива, бъди все така разумна и чаровна, бъди себе си и преследвай мечтите си!!! Обичаме те много!

Почти до последно не знаех на каква тема ще бъде тортата на София тази година. Изненадах се когато ми показа снимки на торти Геод. Разбира се, пожела си нейната да е в любимия й цвят - синия :)

Тортата по желание на рожденичката е ванилова с крем Орео. Отвън решихме да не е фонданово покритието, а да е с маслен крем. За геодите използвах различни бонбони, които лично натрошихме на парченца с големия чук :)))

Graduation and birthday cake


This graduation cake is also a birthday one. Happy birthday!!!!

It's a chocolate cake with light and fluffy chocolate cream with fresh blueberries. All these delicious ingredients are covered by chocolate ganache and fondant. All decorations are made out of fondant. Enjoy it!