Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vintage St.Valentine's cookies

We are getting closer and closer to St.Valentine's Day...symbol of romantic love, true passion and friendship. Valentine's Day is a day to express our feelings and renew the bond of love we share with our Valentine. 
At this time of the year the shops are littered with chocolates in the shape of a heart,  red roses, cute teddy bears holding again hearts, everywhere is full of rose hearts, red hearts, broken hearts, cupids and all other symbols of Love. Of course, now it's the time for cakes in the shape of a heart, cupcakes decorated in rose, white and red, heart cookies....
Some days ago I presented you my St.Valentine's cookies for this year but I can't stop only with that. Yesterday I decided to add another idea how we can surprise our loved ones. Nice surprise with vintage valentine cookies. And here is what I made...

Isn't it a cute surprise for the people that we love? Express your love and friendship in a different way...why not with such vintage cookies.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 30th anniversary!

Today's post is for a cake for the 30th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, I don't know the couple but I am absolutely sure that these people are amazing. Why I am so sure? Because I spoke and I met their daughter. Actually she ordered the cake for her parents. And the daughter...she is amazing!!! We have just had couple of conversations discussing the cake but the feeling was very pleasant. Her voice, her attitude, her smile (honestly, you can feel her smile on the phone), they are just stunning! She is one of those people that you can talk and talk with as you know each other for thousand of years...OK,let's stop with the lyrical part and start with the cake.
The daughter, by the  way her name is Valerie, sent me 2 pictures just to have an idea what she likes and prefers to be on the cake. The whole design is her idea. I followed completely her requirements. Valerie prefers something clean, gentle, not with a lot of decorations but very touchy...and here is the final result.

I can't finish my post without wishing all my best to the celebrating couple! I wish them a lot of love, joy and respect because..."it is only the beginning..."

Thursday, January 24, 2013

St. Valentine's cookies

The last two days the weather was so cold that I hadn't any desire to go outside. Some curious information for the people that are not living in Montreal, the temperature with the wind shield was -38 Celsius. Now you can understand me why I didn't want to go anywhere...I spent my days at home making a cake that I'll post it when I finish it, of course:) Besides that I started my cookies for St. Valentine. Here are some photos of what I created in these cold winter days....

Monday, January 21, 2013

Newborn baby girl

Today's cake is for Lora - a cute baby girl who was born in December 2012. I was very happy and impatient to create this cake. The idea for it came to my mind 2-3 days ago. I wanted to be gentle, with frills, to be white and pink.
Every time when I have to make a cake for a baby I am doing everything without stopping for breath. The feeling is incredibly pleasant.
The cake base is vanilla with abundance of vanilla custard,finely covered with vanilla buttercream and with fondant frills in 3 colors - white, lighter pink and pink.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Birthday gift

It's time for my last cake that I created 2 days ago. It's for another birthday. This time is for Monica - very charming girl who celebrated her 9th birthday! She is very attentive and careful. I was amazed how she was looking after all younger kids at the party.
The cake was a surprise for her. Even for the whole family. Her mother shared with me that Monica likes very much purple and pink. That's why these are the basic colors but not only outside. I made 2 layers cake - one purple and the other one-pink. The filling is vanilla custard. The cake is covered with thin layer of vanilla butter cream and fondant. All the decorations are made out of fondant.
All the kids liked very much the cake especially Monica and her brother. And now is time for some photos....

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Angry birds...again

My new cake is for the birthday of a boy with the lovely name Kaloyan but we all call him Koko. Happy birthday,Koko!
Last year I made two other cakes for his birthday - Transformers and a sport car which you can see at the end of this post.
This year there is different topic - Angry birds. Almost a month ago I made another cake with angry birds for my son which Koko's mother liked and we decided to make something similar. The lady had just bought a plastic set with some of the toys and she asked me to add them to the cake. The cake will satisfy all tastes and preferences - one vanilla layer and one decadent chocolate layer stuck together with fluffy homemade chocolate filling. All the decorations - birds, pigs, stones, wooden box are made out of fondant. The plastic parts are the catapult and four tiny heads that can be shot by the catapult.

And now a picture with the plastic set. It's just an idea how to arrange them...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lucky girl

Today I'll present you two cakes for one and the same girl. Isn't she lucky?She should be really very good girl if her parents decided to surprise her with two cakes.
This little girl is Vicky and she will be 5 this Saturday. Her mother decided to order for her birthday two completely different cakes - one for the family party and one for the day care. When you see the pictures of both cakes I am sure it will be easy to say which one is for the kindergarten:)

And now  - the second one....

I made a small chocolate cake for the birthday with the family. As the mother explained me they all love chocolate and they don't like the fondant at all. That's why I made only some tiny decorations out of fondant. I filled the cake with my favorite mascarpone cream with abundance of raspberries. Then I covered it with chocolate icing and I made some of the decorations out of chocolate paste.

The second cake - Minnie Mouse - is just the opposite - no chocolate,only vanilla sponge layers filled with vanilla custard. As you can see the whole cake is covered with fondant.

You can't imagine how happy was Vicky when she saw the cake. She was very shy and all the time she was hiding from me but I noticed the sparkles in her eyes. And that was enough for me....Happy birthday,Vicky!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

First steps

The cake that I'll show you today is for my young friend Sonya. She is an adorable girl almost year and a half old. Today we celebrated her first steps that she made 2-3 weeks ago. I wish her to continue walking bravely and always to jump over all the obstacles in her way.
This cake is one of my favorite because I made it with a lot of love and passion. That's why I did everything quite quickly. First, Sonya is a daughter of one of my friends and we spent a lot of time together looking after our babies. Sonya is a very charming young girl that immediately attracts you with her big sparkling eyes and lovely smile. How can you stop working on the cake when you know that it will be for this cute girl?
The cake is made out of 4 thin confetti layers attached by fluffy vanilla buttercream. The unique part of this cake is my decision to make a hole in the center and filled it with irresistible vanilla custard. Actually I used the border of the second layer, the rest (the center)  I removed and  I filled with the custard. After that I placed the third confetti layer. The cake is covered only with buttercream. The desire of my friend was for a cake without any fondant except the decorations. I arranged  some ladyfingers around the cake and for a final touch I put ribbons around it.