Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween brownies the kids can decorate


I have just decided to add another suggestion for Halloween. I bought 2 days ago Brownie Baking Kit that includes 2 large Brownie Haunted Houses pans. My kids decorated the brownies with the candies and the icing pens part of the kit. It was so easy. I just made the brownie mixture and baked it. The kids did the rest. I was happy because the kids were involved and helped me a lot.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Are you ready for Halloween? Here I'll present you my ideas for the holiday...



Unfortunately, I can't show you all the cupcakes that I've made.They disappeared so quickly that I couldn't find time to take a picture. The topping for half of them was in that electric green and the other half was in electric orange. Most of the cupcakes were inside with three colors-chocolate,electric green and electric violet. Unfortunately, the one that I cut was with a touch of the violet and you can't see it from the picture. Anyway, adults and kids enjoyed them:) 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Raw cake with blackberry topping

Today I’ll present you a raw cake that I made for a special person. It was a surprise. I hope a nice and tasty surprise.
Probably you are not attracted by the cake from the first sight. It isn’t fondant-covered, it’s not colorful or with weird shape or full of flowers or some other fondant or gum paste figures. But it’s healthy and very, very delicious. It is sweet even more sweet than the traditional cakes because of the ingredients that it contains.  The cake is full of ground nuts and dried fruits and all of them are stuck together by organic coconut oil. On the top I put a mixture of organic blackberries and coconut cream.

Monday, October 22, 2012


The cars

It was like yesterday when my son was a fan of that movie and all the characters. He collected all of them even he kept one and the same car but in different sizes. He watched the movie millions of times and every time it was like the first – with thrill, impatience and great interest.
Now there is another young man who is very attracted by the same characters. That’s why his mother decided to order him a birthday cake on that topic. While we were discussing the design of the cake we both decided that it will be better to put real toys on the cake instead of making the cars out of fondant. The boy will keep and play with them later on. That will be a good memory of his third birthday and of the cake. Everything else on the cake is made out of fondant. The sand is made out of ground cookies.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boxes with "Raffaello" candies

One of my friends decides to surprise her daughter for her birthday with Raffaello candies instead of the traditional cake. The girl likes them, they are exactly what she is looking for - without chocolate and with a lot of cocoanut flakes.
It is a good idea to surprise the loved ones with something homemade, something without plenty of coloring agents and E-additives. The recipe I took from my friend and professional cake designer bubolinkata and I knew from her blog that everybody who tries the homemade  Raffaello can't resist them. I am not an exception.
Quickly I filled two boxes with Raffaello candies for the birthday. Now I am waiting impatiently to see if the girl  enjoys them.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding cake with Calla Lily

A charming girl called Anita ( I made up the name because I didn't ask her for a permission) ordered this wedding cake two weeks before the wedding day ....for her friend. What a lucky friend! I had the feeling that the cake would be a present, a nice surprise for the bride.
I was so thrilled the day when Anita asked me for the cake. First, because she asked me and trust me and second because it's a cake for a wedding -  a day that all of us connect with everlasting love and strong passion, boundless trust and commitment.
Anita have found the picture of the cake somewhere on the net and she asked me just to change the colors. The ribbon on the original photo was yellow and the calla flowers were traditionally white. I was very glad when I found even the same statue of the bride and the groom like that one from the photo. And here it is....

Friday, October 12, 2012

Irresistible strawberry cake

That cake was so irresistibly yummy-yummy... that I feel sorry nothing extra left in the fridge. The base I made from the crumbs of vanilla sponge cake soaked with strong coffee. As you can see I put strawberries cut in half  around the cake. The next circle next to the fruit is made with Belgium milk chocolate topped mini eclairs. And all the rest is vanilla custard mixed with whipped topping.It was light and fluffy. The cake was delicious. Each bite melted in the mouth so quickly and made you waiting impatiently for the next one.

Fruit cake

This small cute cake was for the third birthday of a charming girl Marina. The cake is made with a lot of love and a lot of vanilla custard. I decorated the cake with these colorful flowers because I knew that all the kids from the daycare would enjoy them. I put an edible yellow decorating sheet around the cake and some tiny colorful flowers from the same material. I wanted to make something really very colorful and bright for this lovely girl with very charming smile.The variety of fruit on the top I hope satisfied the taste of all kids:)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Cake

Thanksgiving is a time to share the season's blessings with family and friends. It's a time for getting together, children playing, having a home cooked meal, laughter and giving thanks for our good fortune.
Here is my Thanksgiving cake for my family.I have made it really very quickly because of lack of time. Although I was so busy I enjoyed making the cake.It's a carrot one and the turkey is made out of fondant.I like all the colors of this season-warm and bright.

Friday, October 5, 2012

First kiss…10 years ago

Swans as a symbol of true and everlasting love was the perfect choice for that cake. I made it with a lot of love and enthusiasm especially when I knew why a lovely couple had ordered it . A celebration of their anniversary - ten years ago they fell in love. Every year the couple celebrates the day when they discovered each other. Their love is as strong and passionate as the day when they have met.  I was so thrilled and inspired to make the cake that I even didn’t want to stop for a second until I finished it.
My kids fell in love with the cake when they saw it especially with the tiny silver balls that I used for the decoration.  They were curious if the balls are edible and of course they wanted to try them. They weren't very happy when I refused them. 
I hope that the couple will enjoy every single piece of the cake as they enjoy every single second of their life together.

Black & white cupcakes

These muffins are for one very ambitious and intelligent lady. She has always inspired me by her positivism and strong character. She gives me a lot of support and courage in what I am doing. That's why I have made these muffins for her just to say "Thank you".