Saturday, February 15, 2014

More ladybugs

This cake is for the birthday of my daughter Kalina with her friends from the daycare. And because she was born on February 14th, St. Valentine's Day, I made the traditional red velvet cake with very tender cream made out of sour cream, cream cheese icing and fluffy vanilla whipping cream. For this cake I was inspired by a similar cake that I have found in a cake book. There were bees instead of ladybugs and daisies instead of hearts. As you can see there isn't a lot of  in common but my idea came in that way :) Later on I was inspired by some paper cupcakes that you will see in some of my pictures.
I made some cupcakes in red velvet covered with pink whipping cream and some made out of  oatmeal, cranberries, dried dates and on the top I spread my favorite cream of mascarpone and organic blueberries. 
With this post I'll stop with the ladybugs. I hope you are not completely bored with these cute insects because now are coming the pictures and there are a lot of them :)



Now you can see how I painted and decorated the cake.

It's time for the cupcakes.....

And these are the cupcake paper that inspired me to paint something similar on the cake. Unfortunately on the pictures you can't see all the details and how beautiful and delicate are the cupcakes papers.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Birthday cupcakes for my Kalina

These are the cupcakes that I have prepared for Kalina's birthday at the daycare. This year I decided to make something different, I mean different from the traditional birthday cake. That's why I baked mini vanilla muffins, made them more attractive with the colorful bits that I like to use for kids birthdays and finally I decorated them with lady bugs.
For the people who do not speak Bulgarian the name of my daughter Kalina means two things. The first one is a pretty shrub which I found here in the Botanical garden.

And here Kalina as a baby at the Botanical garden with the shrub "Kalina" (I forget what is the Latin name of it, sorry...)
And the second meaning is "ladybug". Besides all these meanings Kalina is a very ancient and beautiful Bulgarian name.
Now you see why I decorated the mini cupcakes with ladybugs. And now I am sure that you won't be surprised next time when I'll present you Kalina's cake for the party with her friends.


Happy birthday, my dear Kalina!

This cake I made especially for my youngest daughter - Kalina. Today is her 3rd birthday. Kalina was born on February 14th, 2011 and she was and she is and of course, she always will be our the most precious St. Valentine gift.
I wish her always to keep her charming smile and to spread her love to everybody. She is our emotional teacher very often showing us how little we need to be happy and calm. Just a hug or a tender caress, or just saying the words really sincerely "I LOVE YOU" makes you realize what is important in life. It's hardly a coincidence that Kalina was born on St. Valentine's day! We love you, Kalina!!!
And now some words about the cake. It's made out of rice crispy and cookies. The house is filled with colorful candies and they will be the main surprise for the kids when the roof will be removed. The decorations are made out of fondant and the front wall is painted by me using edible red gel. I spread red cinnamon heart candies around the house.And that's it :)
Happy St. Valentine's to everyone! Love each other and don't forget to show and to express your feelings and emotions. Love is the strongest driving force on the Earth!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

St. Valentine's mini cupcakes

Here are my next St. Valentine cupcakes. As I promised you I'll publish more ideas for quick and easy to make cupcakes. These mini muffins are vanilla with tiny colorful bits just to bring more smiles on kids' faces. By the way, I forgot to mention you that these small desserts are for the students from Notre-Dame-des-Rapides. On St. Valentine's day kids receive a lot of sweet treats and that's why I decided to give them something simple without the very sweet fondant decorations. The topping I made out of whipping cream, sour cream and cream cheese. Then I spread some heart sprinkles and pink sugar bits. And here are they.... tenderly melting bites!

Monday, February 10, 2014

More ideas for St.Valentine's cupcakes


These are my first ideas for quick and easy decorated cupcakes for the upcoming LOVE holiday - St. Valentine. This week I have to make a lot of cupcakes differently decorated and for sure I'll share all of them with you. Just be patient!
I would like to encourage everybody of you to create a small but very precious surprise for our loved ones. It's not necessary to create a masterpiece. Just make your favorite muffins, buy some decorations like these paper birds and hearts that I have found....You can color your frosting, make it pink or red, you can make tiny fondant hearts or to cover the whole muffin with fondant and create an unique decoration...It's not difficult just find some free time and....don't forget to add all your love!!!! The most important ingredient for an amazing dessert! Good luck!
In my next post I'll share with you my other St. Valentine's cupcakes...

My cake


Today it's time to present you "my cake" - the cake that I made for myself and of course my family. The occasion is a special day for me and that's why I decided to make something stylish and different. I like very much the black-white combination. I find it very elegant. The idea came first with the ribbon found in one of the stores. I bought it just because I liked it and later on came the idea of this cake. All decorations are made out of fondant, of course the exception is the black ribbon.
What is so different in this cake? I'll give you the answer immediately. The recipe. It's a gluten-free cake made with 6 very thin vanilla layers and one chocolate one. The cake is made with avocado oil. The cream is one of my favorite - mascarpone with sour cream and organic blueberries. I'll stop with all explanations, it's time for more pictures:)



Friday, February 7, 2014

Something new, unique and irresistibly delicious!


Today I'll show you what I created yesterday. Why "created"? Because the recipe for these delicious galettes is absolutely unique, created spontaneously by my desire to eat something sweet but healthy :) At the beginning I was looking for a recipe for oatmeal galettes but finally I ended with my healthy cookies....
I'll share with you only the ingredients, without any measurements. (I am sorry about that, next time everything will be measured precisely. And here is what I used my delicious cookies:
  • buckwheat flour - a little bit
  • almond flour - mainly almond flour
  • dried dates, soaked for awhile in water
  • water
  • cocoanut oil
  • cocoanut flakes
  • poppy seeds
  • sesame seeds
  • cranberries
  • whole almonds
I mixed all the ingredients together and then I used a spoon to spread them on the baking sheet. I didn't try to  give them any regular shape. My idea was to make something simple but irresistibly delicious. In my humble opinion, I had success with my new recipe!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

St. Valentine's cookies


Today I'll share with you my new St. Valentine's cookies. Unfortunately, the idea is not mine. I found it in the net, of course. I was so obsessed with this idea that immediately I started my new creations. My St.Valentine's cookie boxes are far from the perfection but I adore them. First, they are something different from what I have ever made and second, I like them because I adore  this different way to express your love.
I hope you like them too and I hope I have just given you an idea for the upcoming "love" day.

The heart candy boxes are made out of cookies. The first layer is a cookie in a heart shape, the second and the third layer are the same size heart cookies but here I used a smaller size heart cutter to make the hole of the box.  The smaller size heart cookies I baked and you can see them on my next photos. I decided to leave them untouched, without any decorations - simple and irresistibly delicious. The three layers of cookies are attached by royal  icing and later on I filled them with red heart cinnamon candies. The lid of the box is made out of the same size heart cookie as the bottom. You can decorate them as you like - with fondant, with royal icing, with sprinkles, using stencils....the choice is yours. Good luck!

And the small heart cookies...

Here you can see my St. Valentine's cookies from the previous years...always made with a lot of love for my loved ones!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Alice in Wonderland


Happy birthday, dear Nicole! Be always such a charming princess! Keep always the smile on your face!
Today's cake is for Nicole's 7th birthday. "Alice in Wonderland" was her cake wish. Pink and purple layers attached with bubble gum flavored cream and decorated with a lot of love. Nicole's mother picked up the picture and everything else was in my hands :) Thank you very much for your trust!