Sunday, March 30, 2014


In such a winter day I would like to share with you my homemade truffles. I hope they will bring some smiles and happy mood. That's all we need today! And sun, of course....We all are tired and completely fed up with the everlasting winter, the abundance of snow and cold weather. That's why I'll post today the truffle candies that I made for my family. Just to bring some romantic atmosphere around you, some warm feeling and passionate emotions. :)
Ginger chocolate truffles with ground walnuts and dried dates. Some of them are covered or mixed with almond marzipan, some of them not. Some of them are sprinkled with carob powder.
Enjoy them and bring the heat in your hearts!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Солени домашни закуски без глутен or homemade biscuits gluten-free

Today I'll share with you something different from what I always post, something different from the cakes and the sweet desserts. These are my gluten-free biscuits that I prepared for my kids. The flour that I used was rice and tapioca. I replaced the shortening that was on the recipe with avocado oil and I think the final result was yummy-yummy...:)
These small biscuits I made with cookie cutters just to attract my kids. But you can make them simple as making small balls with your hands. Anyway, the taste will be for sure irresistible. You can use them as bread replacement. I guarantee you 100% success especially with kids who don't like to eat :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter bunny

Here is my Easter bunny for my kids. Absolutely spontaneously today I decided to surprise them with this cake. They have already started talking about Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and all delicious chocolate treats.
The recipe, as always, is my patent :)
First layer is raw - finely ground ginger cookies, ground dried dates and ground walnuts, all attached with cocoanut oil. Second layer is vanilla gluten free (I used rice flour). The two layers are attached with decadent chocolate cream. The whole cake is covered with whipping vanilla cream and cocoanut flakes. Some of the decorations are made out of fondants. Now I hope I'll satisfy all tastes - there is a layer for the chocolate lovers and for those who prefer vanilla. There are pieces for those who love fondant and pieces for those who prefer cocoanut... :)


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lalaloopsy cake

Ooops!!!! Lalaloopsy cake but where is the Lalaloopsy doll?!?!
Immediately I'll give you the answer. A friend of mine ordered the cake for her daughter's birthday sharing with me that her daughter right now is interested in Lalaloopsy doll. That's why she wanted to surprise her with the toy and she planned to put it on the top of the cake. I was asked just to make the cake.... That's why today I'll show you what I have created and later on I'll share with you pictures from the birthday party and you'll have the chance to see the final result.
This is a decadent chocolate cake with irresistibly delicious cream made out of mascarpone and wild berries. All decorations are made out of fondant and attached with a lot of love!

And here is the happy girl...Happy birthday, Izzie!!!!Keep always this charming smile on your face!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Party cupcakes


Today I'll share with my last cupcakes. The theme is "party time", "circus" or simply "just enjoy life". The cupcakes are made out of oatmeal, dried plums, cranberries and cedar nuts. Inside the muffins I made a hole and filled  it with cream of mascarpone and wild berries. I decorated the muffins on the top with vanilla mousse and I spread some colored sugar (just for fun).
Here it's the time to share with you that I changed a little bit the recipe for the vanilla mousse and I used hemp milk instead of the regular cow milk. I couldn't make the mousse so fluffy but the taste is delicious.
All other decorations are paper ones. As I told you these were very easy to make cupcakes. You can use it as an idea for a quick surprise for your loved ones.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Real Madrid cake

It's time for another football cake. This time is Real Madrid cake and it's for Boyan's 15th birthday. I have already made a cake for this family but last time it was for his brother Jordan. Now their mother Detelina made another surprise for her elder son.
Happy birthday,Boyan!!! I wish you an amazing party with great friends!
And now some words about the cake...Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling and some fruit - strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. The cake is covered with buttercream and fondant on the top. Do you like it?


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cake "Levski"

Today's cake is for Ivo's 18th birthday. His mother wanted to surprise him for his party ordering the cake with the only one requirement - to make a cake with the logo of his favorite football club "Levski". Later on we discussed all other details....The lady which by the way is a very charming person and very easy to communicate with, sent me the photo.
I decided to surprise Ivo and his family adding the scarf of the football club around the cake. I hope it was a nice surprise... All decorations are made out of fondant.
Happy birthday,Ivo! I wish you all he best and good luck!

And another small surprise - a cupcake with the logo.

Toy story cake

Today's cake is for Santiago's 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to meet the boy but I met the mother who attracted me with her desire and enthusiasm to create an amazing birthday party. She was organized everything - the party room, the decorations, plates, napkins, etc. and everything based on the theme "Toy story". The cake that you see was her first wish. She sent me three different cake pictures but that one was her favorite. Woody on the top is a toy that belongs to my son and I used just for the photo. The mother, by the way her name is Cynthia, had already bought some of the characters and I knew that she wanted to decorate the cake with them. Later on I'll post the cake from the party sent by friend of mine.
The cake is vanilla one with chocolate filling. All the decorations are made out of fondant.

The cupcakes are vanilla ones made only with egg whites and fluffy white cream on the top. They are decorated with fondant stars.

And now the photos from my friend

Happy birthday Santiago!!!! I am sure you had a great party!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pancake cake

I would like to share with you what I created last night. All of a sudden a burst of energy came and great pancakes cravings occupied my mind. Without any doubt I started making pancakes which immediately I arranged one above another and attached with quickly made vanilla cream, cut fresh strawberries and a little bit of whipping cream. My cake was ready before I've arranged any decoration ideas in my mind. And the best thing was that the whole family liked it! Not "liked it" - ADORED it. Even my older daughter before going to bed told me "Mommy, I liked very much your cake today! Can I have another piece?" Finally...everybody was happy, no complains, no words "I don't like this and that". Thanks to the pancakes!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Our 10th wedding anniversary

Happy anniversary, my love!
I can't believe that it's our 10th anniversary...Time really flies. But our love is strong and passionate like the first time we have met. I hope we will save our true feelings and emotions with the years.
For our anniversary this year I decided to make simple cupcakes instead of cake. Of course, everything started with the cupcakes papers that I found in a store. In that way I replaced the cake idea with the cupcakes. Immediately in my mind came the idea how the cupcakes will look like - vanilla with fluffy white vanilla frosting. That's it! Simple and stylish.
As we were coming closer to our date I changed my mind because I don't like very much vanilla cupcakes. I replaced them with red velvet - one of my favorite. Then I changed my mind for the cream on the top. I always start with one idea and till the end I change it at lease twice. This time I finished with very light pink fluffy cream which on the following photos is different. I can't find the real reason for this change. Probably the light...I am not professional photographer as you can see from my posted pictures and I don't know what I have to change to show you the real color. Once with my Lotus cake I had the same problem. It had a very a specific color but on the pictures it was far from the truth...
When I baked the muffins I made a hole in the center and I filled it with cream made out of sour cream and mixed berries jam. It wasn't very sweet and that was my purpose - just to reduce the sweetness of a dessert as a whole.
Then on the top I used the mousse cream that I made and colored in very light pink.

Finally I decided to use the decorated cupcake sticks representing a groom and a bride.
Probably they can be used only for marriages but I decided to use them as a sigh showing our strong love and connection as the first day of our marriage.
I'll stop talking (writing)...The words can't express our unique and devoted relationship. Let's celebrate!

P.S. Look at the lovely roses that I have received this morning from my husband. Aren't they beautiful.....

And as another surprise for my family I made some marzipan candies. The marzipan I bought. Inside I put a whole almond and some of them I covered with carob.

 The almond taste is irresistible!!!!