Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bouquet of roses

This sweet bouquet of roses is a birthday gift-surprise. Today is Dessy's birthday and her sister made this surprise for her. Amazing!
I am very thrilled  because today I made the delivery. That was my first meet with Dessy and I hope not the last one :) She is an amazing young lady with very charming smile. Dessy didn't expect anything like this. I was very nervous because I didn't know what to expect...Will she like the cake? Is this her taste? There were so many questions in my mind that I didn't realized how quickly I arrived in front the front door and I rang the bell. Dessy opened. Definitely she didn't expect anything like that....She was very surprised....and extremely happy :)

The cake is made with decadent chocolate layers and the filling is mascarpone with fresh raspberries. All this is gently wrapped with white fondant and decorated with stems in 3 different green colors and abundance of roses.

Happy birthday Dessy!I wish you all the best!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween cookies

My last Halloween cookies are gluten-free. Irresistibly delicious, made with a lot of love and in high speed. At the very beginning I started everything with the idea just to make some gluten-free cookies for my kids - no decorations, nothing fancy, just some sweet treats. When they were baked I asked my kids what they think. Of course, they liked them but they asked me to cover the cookies with fondant. Honestly, I hadn't any energy to do this at 8 PM. But immediately I felt so guilty and guilty and guilty that I couldn't find a little bit of energy and time to make something cute for my kids that I got down to work although I was so exhausted from the whole day. I covered the cookies with fondant, then I started to decorate them with the edible dyes.
Here is the final result...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

...and more Halloween muffins

These Halloween muffins are with lemon flavor, with tiny chocolate bits and a chocolate candy inside. On the top I put these funny Halloween icing decorations stuck to the muffins with orange colored frosting. Of course, these decorations were the first that disappeared from the muffins. As you can easily guess, the small desserts were for kids....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cupcakes for friends

These cupcakes I made spontaneously between the decoration of two cakes. These small desserts are vanilla with lemon flavor with a center filled with strawberry jam. I covered them with fluffy white icing, I spread on the top some blue colored icing sugar and finally I decorated with the paper cups and sticks.

These cupcakes I made for my son's best friend and his family. My son adores sweet treats and I hope his friend too. The two boys spent the weekend together playing with their favorite LEGO. And who will do the homework? :) 

Thanks to the whole family inviting my son!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy birthday Teo!

Happy birthday,dear Teo! I wish you the most wonderful presents, the best friends and the most amazing birthday party!

This cute boy celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday and he already has a passion - the soccer. That's why his mother asked me to make for the party a soccer cake. And here is what I have created....

The cake is made out of vanilla layers with mascarpone and wild berries' filling. The ball is made out of chocolate layers mixed with chocolate frosting.

Teo, I hope you liked your cake...Be the best soccer player!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Butterflies, flowers and more butterflies

This vibrant cake is for Ali's second birthday. Happy birthday, dear Ali! Be happy and healthy child! I wish you colorful life full of flowers and smiles!

This cake was ordered by Ali's mother - very charming lady. She sent me a picture of a cake that she adores and she wanted a cake like this for her daughter. And it's absolutely normal because the original belongs to bubolinkata - my very close friend and an amazing cake decorator. Her cakes are so beautiful,so full of life and emotions,so unique that nobody can reproduce them. When I spoke with the mother I felt how strongly the lady wanted a cake like this and I didn't want to disappoint her. It's not the first time when people have asked me to make some of bubolinkata's cake. And it's completely understandable because everybody would like to be touched by her masterpieces. Every time I ask for permission and every time I try to change some details....It's not easy to make a copy, it's not professional and  honestly I can't feel the full satisfaction of creating an unique cake. 
Making this cake, the cake for Ali, was such a pleasure for me. I adore making cakes for kids. And at this moment I needed to make something vibrant, something full of life, energy, love, flowers and butterflies....:)

Now I'll share with you what I have created. 

The cake layers are colored in vibrant green and blue,the same colors like the fondant. They are attached with mascarpone filling and a lot of love!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wedding cake blue and white

Dear Silvia and Alex, I wish you the whole happiness in the world! Be happy, love strongly each other like the first day you have met! Keep the passion, the confidence, the respect ... I wish you long and happy life together!

This wonderful couple I met 6 months ago when they asked me for a wedding cake...I made different samples, we discussed a lot of flavors, fillings, cake designs...and finally they picked me up to make their wedding cake. Thank you, Silvia and Alex for the trust and confidence!
Silvia, the bride, have brought me the figurine. The young couple also sent me a picture of a wedding cake that they liked very much. I had the task to make the same cake. Sometimes it's not so easy to make a copy of a cake because you try to make it exactly the same...and it never works that way :(
Anyway, I was happy that the wedding was planned for October - not so warm,not so cold,sometimes without any snow and ice, time without any high humidity....
It is not a  secret for the people making fondant cakes that the fondant "killer" (as I call it) is the high humidity. Everything is sticky, it's difficult sometimes even to cover the cake, imagine to make any decorations. The cake starts "sweating" in front of you just in seconds. One mistake and that's it. Sometimes there isn't any chance and possibility to correct it.
Probably, you guess where I am going - exactly these days the air humidity was so high like we were in July.The cake was |sweating", I was sweating around it. My fingers were trembling nervously... Full disaster!!!! And this was a wedding cake...for a lot of people...All the time I imagined that I was the bride, somebody was making my wedding cake and at the end everything was spoiled. Nightmare!
I couldn't do anything like this. It's unforgivable, unprofessional. That's why I concentrated, I gave everything of me and I started the battle with the humidity. Probably, for most of you, this is very funny or stupid,but not for me at this crucial moment....
There were a lot of emotions these days - memories from the time when I got married, the thrill, the passion and the love, how beautiful was my wedding in my eyes, the disappointment from the weather (by the way I adore hot weather but not these days when I had to prepare a big wedding cake), the trembling fingers and the stress....
But I'll make the long story short - the cake was delivered successfully to the restaurant and it was put immediately in the big fridge.

Now I'm waiting for the photos from the wedding...

Here, I would like to apologize to all of you who are reading this post. I couldn't take professional photos and unfortunately I can't show you the real beauty of the cake.

Dear Silvia and Alex, keep the love and passion forever!

And "Frozen" cake again.....

This is my last "Frozen" cake from this week. As you can see the movie "Frozen" is very, very popular....
Everything started with an e-mail request, then the telephone arrangement and on the next day the father came to pick up the cake. Of course, it was for a girl's birthday but unfortunately I hadn't chance to meet the girl.  "Frozen" was my first cake for this family...They hadn't any idea what kind of cakes I am making and that's why I was pleasantly surprise when I felt in the voice the confidence and the trust that they had. The family  had heard about me and my cakes from a friend and they had decided to ask me for the birthday cake. A photo had been sent to me and I made almost the same cake. 
Decadent chocolate layers attached with fluffy whipping cream and fruit - strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. On the top I put two wooden sticks covered with colored sugar bits. I planned to put more but I couldn't find anymore in the colors that I needed it.In the centre I put the toy which is very cleverly done - the mini figurine turns around and on the other side is....Elsa. What a nice surprise!!!!

And some more picture that I had taken....

Happy birthday, dear girl! I wish you all the best to you and your family!

P.S. Thanks again for the nice words!