Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy birthday, Damian!


This cake was ordered by Trayana for the 1-st birthday of her charming son Damian. The lady was impressed by a cake made by Bubolinkata for the first birthday of her 4th son Damian. What a strange coincidence - the two boys are with the same name and  at the same age :). Here you can see Bubolinkata's masterpiece. I had the honor to be at the birthday of her cute son. It was an amazing summer party with a lot of fun and plenty of activities for the kids. All the information you can get from her post....Have fun :)

Let's continue with our cake... Before I accepted the cake order I asked my friend if I can use her cake idea. Trayana was very happy when I mentioned her that she could have the same cake with a boat and a cute bear :) The mother asked me to make some changes, to add some other details and in that way her son's cake was again unique!

Now came the big challenge - to make a cake that have to be almost the same like a cake made by Bubolinkata....Definetely for me it's more difficult when I have to make something close enough to the original than to create my own design....But the lovely lady,Trayana, gave me such a strength and faith. The way she spoke with me on the phone was enough to charge me with passion like making a cake for my kids. The thrill was incredible. I impatiently waited for the day when I started the cake. Now you can see what I have created....I hope you like it.



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

To my love


That cake I made for my husband. Today he celebrates his birthday and I wanted to surprise him with a cake,of course. But I have decided to make a very simple cake. No fondant, no decorations....just ordinary but very delicious cake. That idea I kept almost till the moment I grabbed the flour and the eggs. I won't forgive myself if I won't make him a cake that I had planned since last year. A cake that represents his hobby and passion - the cars and mainly WV. This is not a surprise for the people that know him and all his friends...That's why immediately I started making a cake with the WV symbol.
It's again fondant cake made out of very thin chocolate layers. There are tiny éclairs with vanilla cream and strawberry cream between them - a combination of all his favorite tastes and flavors.
The top edge of the cake I tried to make it look like a car tire. I used a cake crimper.
Probably you are wondering why I put the dark blue heart on the front. There isn't any connection with the theme WV but it expresses my endless love towards my husband.
Happy birthday, my love!!!!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Colorful bits

Hello dear friends! CakeSophia is back :) The vacation is over and I am ready to create new chef d'oeuvres...Full of energy and ideas I open the new cake season with these colorful bits that I created last night. They are made in the same way like cake pops but without the sticks. I covered them with different color Candy Melts and I spread on the top some colored sugar. I picked up these vibrant colors to express my happy spirit thanks to the incredible vacation that I have had.