Friday, February 26, 2016

Nikola is already 11 years old!!!!

Our little son has grown so quickly....Today we celebrate his 11th birthday!!!Time really flies. It was like yesterday when "out little sun" was born....
As you know I don't post any personal photos and today it will be not an exception. I'll share with you only the cake made for our Nikola. Yes, cakes....3!!!! The reason for this big number of cakes is not that we had invited a lot of people. The main reason is that for today I made a very small cake - 15 cm diameter just for the family. The bigger one -20 cm diameter is for Nikola's friends tomorrow. Nikola wanted to make  boys' party with pizzas, chips, popcorn, cake and video games :)))

And the third one, the smallest cake, is be smashed on Nikola's face. This is his birthday wish :) That's why I made a very tiny cake with a lot of cream on the top because it will be the funniest part :)

Now let's start with the cakes...

The cake for his friends - vanilla layers with tender vanilla cream. All this is wrapped by chocolate ganache and the other decorations are made out of whipping cream. By the way all cake ideas belong to my son Nikola!!!!

This is the cake for tonight - chocolate layers with Swiss Mocha cream, covered by chocolate frosting. Again whipping cream and some melted chocolate....Also I made these 3 pops for my kids.

And here is the smallest cake that will be smashed on Nikola's face :)

Happy birthday , dear Nikola!!! We love you a lot!!!! You are the best son ever!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Jumbo chocolate muffins

These jumbo muffins are not anything special. I didn't decorate them and kept them very simple. They are far away from some fancy cupcakes but they are (were) extremely delicious. 

I made a hole in the center and I filled it with Swiss Mocha cream. Then as a small hat I added the muffin part that I had taken out.

The chocolate muffins were fresh and tasty. They disappeared immediately.That fact made me happy but I hadn't chance to try them...

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sofia the princess cake

Happy birthday, dear Mili! We wish you a lot of smiles and a lot of presents. I hope you will like your cake and you will have a memorable birthday day!

Princess Sofia on the top of the cake is a toy that Mili's mom had bought for her child. She gave me some other toys too but finally I decided to put on the princess on the cake.

This cake is in rose because right now Smiliana likes this color. I decided to keep the cake in the three colors purple,white and rose. The cake is made out of chocolate and vanilla layers and the filling was made out of mascarpone, sour cream and fresh raspberries.

I wish you, Mili, to be a princess as you want!

Big fish cake

Happy birthday Alex!!! I wish you all the best!

This cake is a sweet surprise to Alex made by his loving wife Silvia. She picked up the idea for the cake. The lady sent me pictures of different cakes what shapes she liked, which details she preferred...
Finally this cake I made :)

The big fish was the most important part in the cake. Silvia asked me for very big fish. She wanted a picnic area with fire place, flowers...The fisherman with the boat was a plastic cake decoration. It would be a nice memory to Alex from this birthday party.

The cake is red velvet with filling made out of white chocolate and fresh raspberries - Alex's favorite combination. I hope he liked his sweet surprise. But the most important is his wife attention and love, the way she wanted to surprise him and make a special birthday party!