Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Ето един пост,който реших да публикувам на български. Посветен е на една торта,която от много време се каня да направя все по една или друга причина отлагам. Накрая й дойде времето. И то как няма да й дойде времето,като навън има 40 см сняг. Романтика!!! За едни романтика,а за други трагедия! Аз, за съжаление, съм от вторите. Та, да не изпадаме в такива битовизми,а да обърнем внимание и на десерта....:)

Между трите излизания навън и риене на сняг до припадък, реших,че все пак трябва да има нещо хубаво в този ден. И така дойде редът на торта "Наполеон".

Точната рецепта може да видите тук.

Проблемът при мен беше, че не ми останаха много трошички, за да покрия тортата...Но това да ми е проблемът :)
Тортата е невероятно вкусна. Нежна, деликатна...определено ще бъде повторена в най-скоро време :)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas candies

The Christmas was over but the holidays are still on :) The sweet treats are for my very close friends that we will visit today. I decided to change a little bit from the traditional Christmas roulades, cakes, cupcakes and cookies. This time I made these delicious cake pops. Half of them are with cinnamon, ginger and ground hazelnuts. The other half are chocolate. On the top of each pops I spread some melted chocolate and then I spread broken white chocolate pieces (on the chocolate pops) and some dried fruit (on the cinnamon pops).

The box is ready. All pops are arranged. It's time to leave our home and to visit our friends...

Happy holidays!

Christmas cake

My Christmas cake for this year. I made it for my family and for out friends that were invited to spend the Christmas together with us.

The cake is spicy one - cinnamon and  ginger. The cream is a layer of Dulce de Leche , whipping cream and soaked raisins. It is wrapped by white chocolate with Christmas leaves from transfer sheet. I used whipping cream on the top of the cake and as a boarder around it. My son adores this cream and that's why I decided to use it. On the other side it looks perfectly like a snow. The snowman is a porcelain toy that I bought exactly for the cake. This time I didn't want to make any fondant figurines. 

The cake was very aromatic, very well soaked and the taste....yummy!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas treats

Today I'll share with you my last sweet treats that I made before Christmas. I made them for my family, for my kids, for some friends and for my neighbors.

I baked these cookies dreaming for something different, for something that will bring me back to my childhood when we had the simple but absolutely real Christmas treats without any colorants and artificial preservatives. I was happy to feel the cinnamon, to taste the honey, to prepare something simple but with a lot of love...

The original recipe is with honey but this time I replace it with maple syrup. These cookies are so good,so good...

These cookies are perfect to be decorated with royal icing but from one side I wanted something simple, on the other side I didn't have enough time to decorate them and on the third side I am not good with the thin lines...:)

These chocolate muffins were for my neighbors. A small gift for those people that we met every single day, more often than our close friends....Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa Claus cake

My Santa Claus cake is a special gift to two cute sisters for whom this Christmas won't be the same as for the most kids....I won't mention anything else on this topic. I would like just to wish the family to be strong and to love each other, to support and to believe. Our lives are not always full of happiness and smiles but the difficult moments make us stronger. They can help us to realize and appreciate what we have.

Let's say to our loved ones, to our friends how much we love them and how important are they in our lives...

The cake is chocolate with gentle cream of wild berries. Only the face of Santa is made out of fondant. The beard and the mustaches are made out of vanilla frosting.

Merry Christmas, young ladies! I wish you health and happiness!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas cookies

Most of these Christmas cookies are a very special gift from a loving father to his daughter. I decided to make more cookies and to give them to the kids from the daycare of my youngest daughter.

These are not traditional Christmas cookies. I know that kids are not big fans of cinnamon, ginger and  all other Christmas spices...That's why some of them are ordinary cookies but most of them are made with coconut oil. They are delicious but it was very hard to decorate and arrange them just because they are very fragile....

All decoration are made out of fondant. I used also some candies and white vanilla frosting.

Merry Christmas everyone! Be healthy and happy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More mini Christmas cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting on the top. Amazing combination for my young friends at school. On the top of the frosting I spread tiny pieces of ground Christmas cane candies.

And now some Christmas boxes with sweet treats given to close friends and my kids' teachers...

Enjoy the sweet holidays! Keep always the faith and the true love in your heart!