Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas treats -part 2

Let's continue with my promise - almost every day I'll share with you some sweet Christmas ideas.

This muffins are moist carrot ones with walnuts, coconut flakes and pineapple pieces inside. I adore the moist  texture. Of course, you can bake your own muffins, you can create your own recipe, you can add everything what you like.

On the top I put some chocolate frosting because my kids adore the chocolate. Then I decorated the cupcakes with plastic winter decoration. Some of them are rings - for my daughters, some of them are like balloons full of snowflakes and some pictures. I find them very cute and attractive.

As you can see you can prepare some sweet treats which are very attractive and very easy to make and decorate. You don't need any special tools and skills to make a very nice surprise for your loved ones.

Christmas treats - part 1

Today I'll start series of Christmas treats that I'll prepare or I have already prepared for the upcoming holidays. My first post will be dedicated to this delicious chocolate winter cake. It's really very weird how I  combined a winter cake with this evergreen grass. 
The photo was taken in one of those days when there wasn't any snow or rain or icy rain. Hopefully this year the fall was very warm and charming. There were plenty of sunny days when you could make walk outside. Unfortunately, today, it's just the opposite. It rained almost the whole day, it was gloomy and humid and cold...

And now some words about the cake. It's a combination of cherry-flavored and vanilla layers. The recipe for the filling is absolutely mine. It was very light and fluffy chocolate cream made without any butter. The cake was tall more than 10 cm but I made it to look taller with the chocolate "wrap".The Christmas leaves are edible and I transferred them from a transparent sheet to the melted chocolate.

On the top of the cake I spread some meringues and chocolate swirls with the same Christmas design.

The cake was shared with friends of us. I good end of a nice day! Enjoy it!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Victor's cookies

These cookies are for Victor's second birthday. I have already mentioned our little guy with his birthday cake for his daycare.
Now my post is dedicated to the cookies that will be given as gifts to his teachers.

Half of the cookies are with winter decoration...

...the other half are with summer decorations...

All decorations are made out of fondant and the cookies are classic vanilla ones.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, dear Victor!

Happy birthday, Vicky!!!! Be happy and healthy child!
Today is your special day and I wish you an amazing birthday party at the daycare!

This cake is for Victor's second birthday and it will be for the birthday party at his daycare. That's why the cake is with vanilla layers and light, fluffy vanilla cream. The cake is covered by colored in blue vanilla frosting. No fondant at all. Just the sign with the name on the cake board...

The cars on the top are real toys. All other decorations are made out of frosting.

All the best, dear child!!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shopkins cake

Happy birthday, dear Isabelle! Today is your special day and we wish you all the best! Be very happy girl!

This year Isa's cake wish is Shopkins. Being honest with you, I'm not surprise at all...The girls at that age are crazy about Shopkins. My girls too...:)

The cake is chocolate with chocolate cream - light and fluffy, no butter. I replaced the milk with coconut milk. And because I had the chance to be among the guests who were invited at the birthday party, I tried my own cake. I fell in love with this cream with its irresistible coconut flavor and taste.

The cake idea came spontaneously when I bought the present. The box was with zips and hearts and different  pink and purple nuances.
The tiny Shopkins are real toys and they are part of our present. Together with Isabelle's mom we decided to use real toys on the top of the cake instead of fondant decorations. All the rest is made out of fondant.

Happy birthday, dear Isa!!!!