Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gluten-free apple muffins

Like it or not, it's fall...Time to relax at home, to find the warm sweaters, to enjoy the colors of the season, the falling tree leaves, to start with all sweet desserts full of spices, cinnamon, apples, pumpkins...all fall season fruit. That's why my last posts are based on that kind of desserts. 

Today's muffins are little bit different. They are gluten-free. This time I used a spice gluten-free cake mix. The ready mix includes a combination of different gluten-free flours but mainly rice one. I added some sour cream, kamut flakes and small pieces of real apples inside the muffins.

I adore the cinnamon fragrance  that was spreading in the whole kitchen. Of course, you can add and walnut, and more spices, and  raisins...everything you like.

Do you want to to try them?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rustic grape cake

My rustic chocolate cake for close friends. The idea came spontaneously. First I decided to make a chocolate cake but without any fondant decoration. Just simple but delicious cake. Then I decided that it will be better if I add some fruit. I didn't wonder a lot. Immediately I chose the grape. Right now it's fall season, the season of apples and grapes, the cinnamon and all spice flavors....

The cake I made with thin chocolate and lemon layers. Then I added a strawberry jam with real strawberries. After each layer of these delicious jam, I added a layer of chocolate ganache.

My friends adore chocolate...Who doesn't like it?!?!

The straw is made out of baked coconut flakes...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Apple, cinnamon & pecan muffins

Yesterday my daughter went to an apple farm with her classmates. Every year there is such  activity organised by the school. The kids spend some time outside playing and then picking up the apples from the trees. Being honest with you I don't know if they are going to one and the same apple farm. For me this is not so important. The most important is that my daughter adores this activity and she goes there with pleasure.

This morning I decided to surprise my kids with different kind of muffins. I put in the mixture abundance of freshly cut apples from the farm, cinnamon and ground pecans. I adore this mixture :)

Especially for the kids I put these sticks with the paper sticks - just for fun.

I was extremely happy that I had the muffin paper cups with apples - very thematically. 

My sweet surprise for this Saturday morning...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Treats for my Sophia

Today is a special day for my elder daughter Sophia. Not only for her but for everyone with the beautiful names Вяра, Надежда, Любов и София. Here, my post from last year, you can see a little bit more about this day.

Let's continue with our sweet treats...:)

This is my first one - very simple cake but I hope very delicious. Two chocolate layers attached by cream of mascarpone and chocolate fudge. Then I gently arranged the mini eclairs (I have bought them). The cake is really very easy to make, it doesn't need any special preparation and to many efforts.
Now some more photos from my garden (hopefully the weather was sunny and warm) before I continue with the other treats...

Then I used another chocolate layer that was extra and quickly I decided to prepare something else...

Again-simple,quickly and irresistibly delicious :)

Some small chocolate timbits made especially for the kids that adore them. Of course, colored with the dots to make them more attractive :)

That was all for the chocolate lovers. Now something different...cookies

Being honest with you I have just planned this year to make cookies. No cakes,no anything else...These are my tradition butter cookies, this time with cinnamon. I have decided to make the very popular right now owl cookies. A long time ago I bought the OWL icing decorations.  My daughter Sophia liked them a lot and she was happy with the idea of owl cookies. Besides them I decided to make more fondant decorated cookies...

And of course, I made some more simple cookies, without any decorations. I attached half of them by Nutella cream and the other half with wild berry jam.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Another fruit crate cake

This crate cake is for Cristian's birthday. Happy birthday! Be very happy!

Cristian has found my crate cake that I made not a long time ago for my cousin. He adores fruit and chocolate and as I understood later on he is not a fan of the fondant covered cakes. That's why he asked me to remove the fondant crate. But because I knew that he liked the idea of the fruit crate I decided to replace the fondant crate with these waffle chocolate treats.

The cake is made out of lemon and chocolate layers with mascarpone cream filling with wild berries. Between the layers I arranged layers of mini eclairs. I covered the whole cake with chocolate fudge frosting and on the top I spread some fruit.

At this time of the year it was very difficult to find good strawberries. I checked more than 7 different stores and everywhere they were terrible. Of course, it wasn't obligatory to use strawberries but I need the red color :)

Only the sign, the small wooden label is made out of fondant.

Happy birthday, Cristian!