Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Homemade desserts


Today I'll present you some of my homemade creations for my loved ones. This cake is a carrot one that I made some weeks ago without any special occasion. I was just starving for something sweet with a little bit of different taste than the traditional. The filling  I created by myself without using any recipes.  Hopefully I found it very successful. The filling was made out of mascarpone cheese cream, some sour cream, whipping cream, tiny pieces of real orange and soaked raisins. I found the combination of carrots, raisins and oranges very attractive.

And now, these are my homemade healthy timbits. They were made out of ground cookies, dates, almonds, a lot of lemon zest and cocoanut oil. On the top of some of them I put cranberries. For me and my husband these timbits are irresistibly delicious treat. We love them!

And now, it's time for my pumpkin spicy muffins which I supposed they would be eaten only by myself.  I was absolutely sure that my kids wouldn't like them at all. Surprisingly, they liked them, even they ate more than one :)
That's is for today... I wish you sunny, warm and sweet winter day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Very rich chocolate cake

Happy birthday, Kolya! We wish you good health, happiness and great achievements!
This cake is for the husband's birthday of one of my very close friends. Me and my husband, we both decided to surprise him with this rich chocolate cake. Definitely, it's rich because it's made out of decadent chocolate layers attached with chocolate cream and all this is covered with irresistibly delicious chocolate ganache. No fancy decorations, very simple but very stylish and I hope very tasty :). The idea with the blue sprinkles came honestly at the very last moment....

This cake has a very emotional story. First, as I told you it supposed to be a surprise and I didn't know at what time I could deliver it at my friend's house without mentioning anything about the surprise. Because it was a surprise not only for the husband but for my friend too. That's why first before leaving home with the cake, I phoned my friend secretly asking some questions to understand if they would stay at home. Till this moment the mission was completely successful! We reached their house in this extremely cold day and immediately when I left the car a strong wind tried to blow away not only me but the whole cake box. It was hard to keep it in my hands. Successfully I reached the entrance, I called my friends, immediately I thought out a stupid lie asking the husband to come down and to open the entrance door. And Kolya in a minute was down, I was happy that I could give him the surprise and....in that moment I lost balance, the cake box started going somewhere, I couldn't realized what was going on till the moment when I saw the cake box fallen on the floor!!! Imagine - my cake was on the floor, in front of the person who was supposed to be surprised?!?! Oh, yes, definitely, that was a surprise! But what a surprise? For a second I was shocked, stressed, I couldn't believe it, I didn't know to cry or to laugh. But instinctively I jumped, picked up the box and turned it up. For a second I wondered should I opened it but immediately I opened it. And here was my biggest surprise - the cake was untouched!!!! Again I couldn't believe what was going on. Now I was extremely happy that I didn't destroy the cake but on the other side I start wondering how this was possible. Anyway, it was a cake, not a plastic toy! Imagine how cold was outside and how frozen was my cake even if it survived this ridiculous incident!
Anyway, after some seconds I decided that this was the funniest cake delivery. It was like a comedy unfortunately I was the main character :) But beside this funny accident I am glad that we succeeded surprising Kolya  and we wish him all the best!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

St. Valentine cookies

Are you ready for St. Valentine? Have you decided what cake you want for the party? Something different, of course, something unique...Everybody looks for a special gift, for something really unique, something the-one-and-only.
This year I started my preparations with these cookies. They are not unique but they are made with a lot of love....because they are my family and mainly for my kids - my real love! They adore my cookies and very often they ask me to prepare something only for them. Now we have a special reason -  the upcoming St. Valentine and one of my daughter's birthday. She was born exactly on February 14 and that was my precious Valentine gift! I am thinking right now what kind of cake to prepare for her party and I would like to be something different for the traditional heart cakes. Anyway, she is still a very young kid. I don't know what kind of cake I'll make for her but for sure there will be lady bugs :)
And now my other St. Valentine's cookies, again for my kids. I made them using stencils and as you can see I am not good with them...but I hope the taste, as always, will be great!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Girl in purple

Happy birthday, dear Moni!I wish you happy childhood, a lot of smiles and good luck at school!
This cake is for Monika's 10th birthday. She is very charming girl. Later on I'll publish a picture with her and you'll see how cute she is.
The cake is made out of fluffy vanilla and strawberry layers attached with vanilla cream with bubble gum flavor. All other decorations are made out of fondant.
The most weird thing is the cake color. I don't know how it happens but the true color is different from this one from the photo. Here you can see it more orange but the true one is close to peach. I had the same experience with another cake too. It has to be more close to the peach color but again on the photo the cake looked orange. Here you can see my previous one.

And now some pictures with the flowers around the cake...

And as I promised you here is Moni with the cake

Liverpool FC cake

Happy birthday, Jivko! I wish you good luck and great achievements with your football team!
This cake is for the 17th birthday of a very charming boy, Jivko. As you can easily guess Jivko is a great fan of the Liverpool football team. He sent me a photo of a similar cake asking me to make his birthday cake. The logos I found in the net and they were printed on an edible sheet....And here came my nightmare. I'll share it only with you :) The company that makes my photos on the edible sheets had a problem with their printer and the red color wasn't red at all. It was more brown that anything else. I was very stressed when I received my picture. I looked at it and I couldn't believe it!!!!There wasn't any red color?!?! How can I give such a cake!?!? After so many communications and attempts from the company to clean their printer and after so many reprints finally I got something which again wasn't good for me. I hadn't time to look for another company and the stress was too high. I decided to do some cuttings of the boarders to reduce the brownish effect  and now you can see the final result...
Besides my troubles, I hope you will enjoy the cake!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dinosaurs cake

Happy birthday, dear Koko! Have a great party and an amazing year! I wish you true friends, desirable gifts and memorable moments!
This dinosaurs cake was for the 7th birthday of a boy who you have already met before, mainly his cakes. Here you can see the last one and on that post there are links to the cakes from the previous birthdays....This year Koko wished a volcano cake. Later on he added and the two dinosaurs. And I decided to add some more around the cake :) As I heard later on the dinosaurs weren't enough...



Heart cake with daisies


One of my last cakes is for Viki's birthday. This heart cake was for her party. Her wish was to be pink with a lot of flowers....I made it pink but from the very beginning in my mind there were only daisies. All of a sudden I excluded all colorful flowers that I was ready to spread over the heart. The white daisies looked to me very pretty, very stylish and very suitable for the young lady. And although the cake was for a 6 years old girl I decided to keep only the three colors. As I heard later on Viki liked her cake and that was enough for me. The child's smile and satisfaction are the greatest gift to me!


Happy birthday, Viki! I wish you all the best but most of all plenty of good health and happiness!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sea creatures cake


Happy birthday, Valentin! I wish you a childhood full of nice surprises, a lot of smiles and unforgettable memories!
Today's cake is for Valentin's 10th birthday. Unfortunately I haven't met the boy but his mother who ordered the cake for him was very nice lady. As all mothers she wanted to surprise her son with something unique and unforgettable. She gave me the idea of a sea cake and immediately in my mind there were colorful fish, corals and sea weeds....It was such a fun and pleasure to make this cake. I hope Valentin was nicely surprised.