Saturday, August 29, 2015

Marine cake

This marine cake is for Stephanie's 5th birthday. Happy birthday, dear Stephanie! I hope you'll love your birthday cake!

This cake, by the way, is a surprise. A surprise for Stephanie and a surprise for her family too. I really cross my fingers and I hope they will like it.

Stephanie's mom has just asked me for a cake. Everything else she left  in my hands. That's why nobody expects a marine cake...But it's still summer and the memories of the sea, the beach, the waves, the breeze...are still in my mind. I am so obsessed that I made a marine cake :)

The cake is made with chocolate layers and light chocolate cream with fresh strawberries. Stephanie's favorite cake choice :)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Natural cosmetic cake

This raw cake is a birthday surprise. Happy birthday, dear Krasi! I wish you good health, happiness and good luck in all new initiatives!

Krasi's husband again surprised his pretty wife with a sweet gift. The cake as I mentioned is raw. It's made out of ground organic ginger cookies,almonds, pecans, cranberries, raisins, dates, fresh lemon juice and zest, coconut oil and chia seeds. At the bottom I used apricot paste.

The cake is covered with fondant and all the decorations are made out of it. They all express Krasi's new interest - making organic cosmetics. Everything is natural,made by extracts of real flowers.

This cake I made one night at extremely high air humidity... It was so difficult to make even these simple decorations. Everything was so sticky that honestly I hadn't even a second to think twice how to put the decorations...I hope that Krisi will like the final result.

I wish you all the best, Krasi! Enjoy your special day!

Happy birthday, dear Chrisi!

Happy birthday, dear Chrisi! Be very happy child!

This lion cake is for Chrisi's first birthday. His mom asked me to make the cake for the birthday party. She asked me for a cute lion because Chrisi's zodiac symbol is Leo.

Do you like my lion?
I wanted to make very colorful and bright cake. That's why you can see all this abundance of colors.

The cake is made out of vanilla layers with colorful bits and vanilla homemade filling.
Next to the cake you will notice the colorful cupcakes. Again they were ordered by Chrisi's mom for his birthday party. All of them are lemon muffins but half of them are with raisins and the other half with chocolate chips.

Here on the last photo you will see five different muffins- no fondant decorations, only the paper sticks with the giraffes and the monkeys. These last muffins are for Chrisi's friends from the daycare...

Chrisi, enjoy your first birthday party!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Butterfly cake

My daughter's birthday wish this year was to have Girls Party. Poor Nikola, her brother, was  left alone among Sophia's girl friends...But what can we do? That was her wish. Hopefully Nikola is old enough (10 years old!) to understand and appreciate his sister birthday wish. 

Of course, we couldn't invite all of her friends. I was glad that this year Sophia had listened to me and agreed to invite some of her old friends with whom she doesn't communicate very often right now. The reason for this is that our kids go to different schools, meet different people, find more new friends and sometimes we forget about the old friends, the kids they had grown together...

Anyway, let's make the long story short :)
This year the birthday theme are the butterflies. This week on Sophia's birthday I posted the butterfly cookies that I made for her. Now it's time for the cake...Again more butterflies :)

The butterflies are edible made out of rice paper and specially ordered from the UK. The idea with the butterflies came some weeks ago when I found that this year my daughter hasn't strictly followed some movies. She has a lot of interests but this year she wasn't a big fan of some movie character. Last year we were obsessed by Frozen. This year - nothing particular. That's why I suggested to make something neutral but colorful and fancy. Sophia agreed immediately and I was ready to think about the cake design.

Here it's the time to mention that this cake is my first one with airbrush. What a thrill and enthusiasm!

The cake inside is very colorful, like the butterflies :) I made a zebra cake using 6 different colors - yellow, orange, electric green, pink, blue and electric purple. I made also traditional vanilla layers and I used them in turns. The filling is different in all three tiers - homemade chocolate cream (no butter), vanilla filling with sour cream and fresh blueberries and purple frosting.

The most important was that Sophia liked her cake. She helped me arranging with the butterflies on the cake. That is a reason why I decided to name my sweet hobby CakeSophia!!!! My daughter is my support and inspiration!

We love you,dear Sophia! Enjoy your party!