Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bird cage cake :)

That cake was for my husband birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any time to post it. Being honest with you I hadn't had any time even to make it but how can you celebrate without a birthday cake especially when it was my husband's birthday....

The idea for this cake came spontaneously. While I was wondering what to put on the cake-a car, a sign, a tire or something else related to my husband's favorite topic, the cars, I decided completely to change the theme. And why not :)
I wanted to make something bright, full of light, love and passion. And the birds came to my mind:)

The most difficult part this time was the air humidity. It was extremely difficult to cover the cake with fondant, to make and put the decorations. Everything was melting extremely quickly. I was desperate. I wanted to cry but this won't help me at all. The cake is shining because of this humidity that have just killed my enthusiasm and cake passion. Anyway, I tried to take pictures as quickly as it's possible....before the cake collapse. Hopefully, the cake didn't collapse. Only me :) I was so stressed and nervous.

But the most important my husband liked the cake. It was really a nice and sweet surprise.

The cake was chocolate with Swiss Mocha filling and mini eclairs inside.

I didn't want to "disappoint completely" my husband and I prepared some muffins for him and his colleagues with edible photos of his favorite car - Volkswagen :) In that way I still followed the tradition to make something sweet based on my husband's favorite car :)

I love you, darling! Be very healthy and happy!

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