Thursday, August 6, 2015

Frozen cake

I always keep my promises. As I told you in my last post, I'll share with you Alex's other favorite character. By the way for the people who are not following all my posts, Alex is a very cute girl, a daughter of a friend, who celebrated her 4th birthday last month.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any free time to post the cakes earlier. The first one was for the party at the daycare - Hello Kitty and now it's the cake for the other party :)

As you noticed the other favorite character is Elsa from the most popular among the girls movie "Frozen".

The idea for the cake isn't mine. Alex mom have found somewhere in the net a photo of a similar cake and Alex immediately fell in love with it. They asked me to make the same cake. Alex picked up Elsa's picture and I printed it on an edible paper :)

The cake is decadent chocolate one with chocolate filling. It's an addiction for the chocolate lovers :)

Happy birthday, dear Alex! Enjoy your birthday party, surrounded by a lot of true friends!

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