Monday, February 27, 2017

Uncharted cake

Can you guess what is this? Yes, it's an old map but not a pirate one as most of you have thought....This is Nathan Drake's diary! 
Now I'll give you some more explanations who is Nathan Drake and what this cake is about :)

I'll be very short in my explanations (as always). This is a very popular game among the teens and the adults, of course. My son loves this game. By the way, this is his favorite one and at home right now he plays only this. Our son Nikola is so addicted to this game that he has been looking for a brownish notebook for very long time. He wanted to make the same diary as Nathan Drake's one. He started drawing the pictures and making exactly the same diary from the game.
I was surprised when I found how many explanations are in the net how to copy the diary. That's why you will see some pictures drawn by me copied from the diary and spread around the cake.

 That's the name of the game - Uncharted :)

And that is the famous diary :)
Now some photos of the cake with 3 different pages drawn by me from Nathan Drake's diary...

This is Sullivan, Nathan's best friend. I know all this information from our son,of course.

The cake is with banana layers and very light banana cream - our son's cake wish for this year which by the way surprised us a lot. Simply because he doesn't like any fruit and vegetables...:(

Happy birthday, dear Nikola! We love you!We wish you all the best! Be very happy and enjoy your birthday party!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Trolls cake

Here we first Trolls cake. It was my sweet surprise for my youngest daughter who celebrated on February 14th her 6th birthday. We love you very much, dear Kalina!

This year making birthday cake was a real challenge. Kalina confused me a lot with her cake wishes. She changed her mind almost every 2 minutes. I was ready to make unicorns, rainbow, ponies, Shopkins, Trolls, Moana, again Shopkins, and again unicorns...Finally I took the decision and I told her: "Please, leave it to me. Let it be a surprise. Whatever I choose..."

I wanted to make a very bright cake, full of colors and life. That's why I stopped on Trolls. And here is the cake...

And now after you see the cake from all different sides what do you think? Is it bright enough? I like it. Even I love it simply because I made it for one of my kids. It's one of these special cakes...

The cake is very chocolate. That was Kalina's wish - chocolate layers with chocolate cream inside. All the decorations and the main figurine Poppy are made out of fondant.

I made some banana cupcakes too. Again with the trolls :)

 Let's make our world brighter...:)

Happy birthday, dear Kalina!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mille feuille for Maria

This birthday cake is for a very beautiful girl called Maria. Her cake wish this year is the very famous dessert Mille feuille. Being honest with you I was surprised because usually kids at that young age don't pay any attention to this traditional desserts.

I am sure that right now you are wondering what a mille feuille is this?!?! I'm showing only flowers...:) OK,this is not exactly the traditional look of the dessert. Inside everything is made following a recipe but the top is changed. The chocolate stripes are missing, as you can see, and plenty of plumeria flowers are spread around. 

Happy birthday, Maria! I wish you an amazing birthday party with your friends! All the best!