Monday, April 29, 2013

Ballerina cake

Ballerina cake is my first rolled cake. That means that the cake layers are not horizontal but vertical. I was planning for a long time to try that kind of cake but I always leave it for the next time. Finally I decided to make the experiment for a cake for our family.
Last week my daughter finished her ballet course and she had a spectacle at the end.I decided to surprise her  with a cake on that theme. Honestly, it was difficult to make the cake and I wasn't satisfy with the final result. Any way, my daughter was happy.She even liked it and ate a whole piece. (as her mother I can tell you with a hand on my heart that she has never ever eaten a whole piece of a cake). That's why I was extremely happy and I forgot about all the obstacles in my working process. 
The layers are devils food cake. I put eclairs between them and I prepared pink mousse filling with fresh raspberries, sour cream and a lot of love:) And here is the final result...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

First birthday

Today's cake is for the first birthday of Nina. This is my first cake for this family and although I haven't ever met the mother it was so nice to talk to her on the phone. According to me she is that kind of a lady that makes you feel very comfortable while you are talking or discussing something. No barriers, no muddled situations. It was pleasure to talk to her. On the other side I was flattered to be asked to make the cake for her daughter. As a mother of three I know how important  is the arrangement of a perfect party for her child. I know very well the excitement and the thrill around the first anniversary.There are always a lot of emotions in the air. 
The mother sent me a picture that she found in the net and I made the same or almost the same cake:)

And here is the cake for Nina.

Happy birthday, Nina! I wish you a wonderful birthday, a lot of smiles and nice gifts!Congratulations!

Cupcakes with spring flowers

Good morning, my virtual friends!
Today I'll dedicate my cupcakes to everyone with a name of a flower. I wish a memorable day full of sun and smiles to all my friends and relatives, to all people who have one of these beautiful flower names. Enjoy the lovely day!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy birthday, Gery!

This week I made a cake for the 18th birthday of a girl named Gery. Unfortunately, I haven't had chance to see her and personally to send my wishes but I hope that the cake will make her happy. The cake was ordered by her mother and it was a surprise for Gery. The mother wanted a cake that will include 3 important for her daughter items:
1.Graduation hat - Gery graduates school this year
2. Photo camera - one of her interests
3. Drums - Gery enjoys playing drums

In the beginning I hadn't any clear idea how to arrange the cake but after awhile everything came in order. What do you think? 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Afternoon treats

It's finally Friday! After a long and exhausting week, it's time to relax, to sit down, to drink a cup of our favorite coffee or tea, to start planning our weekend and of course, to treat ourselves with something sweet.
Today I made for you small afternoon treats - bites made out of finely ground raisins. It's like a healthy snack at the end of the day. Raisins, probably as you know, contain vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin E. Raisins are naturally cholesterol and fat free. As a health benefit, raisins are rich in antioxidants. I think that's enough to convince you that I suggest you a healthy dessert. 
I attached the raisin pieces with a little bit of water. I didn't use any other dried fruit or other ingredients like ground cookies which can add more flavor and texture just because I wanted something sweet on one side but not too sweet if you can understand me. I need something with light, slightly sour taste  and I added some ground cranberries to the mixture. At the end I rolled the raisin balls in finely ground cookies blended with finely ground dark chocolate. But the amount is really very lean. It's just more for decoration.
These afternoon treats probably won't satisfy everyone's taste but as I told you they are healthy replacement of everyday donuts and timbits. And you won't count the calories with each bite:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cake with airplanes

Today's cake is for the 6th birthday of the charming boy Vasko. I met him for the first time when his family came to pick up the cake. And immediately he attracted me with his shy smile. His shyness disappeared very quickly when Vasko noticed the cake. Now his face was lit up with happiness and satisfaction. And that was enough for me!
And here is the his cake....

On the top of the cake there is another airplane which Vasko's parents bought as a present. Unfortunately I didn't see the toy and that's why I didn't take pictures with it. When I receive the photos from the birthday party I'll show you the right finish of the cake.

And here are some photos of Vasko's birthday party. I would like to thank his mother sending me the pictures and allowing me to show them on my blog.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Princess cake

Last week I made the cake that I'll present you today for a cute girl called Katherine. She celebrated her 5th birthday with a lot of friends. You can imagine the emotions around the preparation, especially for the mother. 
Actually the mother started the preparation a long time ago. She found the idea for the cake in Internet. We discussed it, exchanged ideas and suggestions. The thrill was everywhere in the air. 
Now I would like to share with you some steps of the decoration process. The most difficult part of the cake was the princess. Probably most of you are surprised to hear exactly this, especially the people who had made princess cakes. The difficulty came (being honest with you I didn't realized how difficult this project will be in the very beginning) with the doll. The mother wanted to keep the toy as a toy, just to put a dress made out of fondant.The princess would be kept in that way (with the fondant dress) for a while as a memory from the birthday party. That's why no cake layers, no cream around the toy. Sounds easy to make. But it wasn't. After many efforts to make the shape under the dress out of rice crispy, I completely lost hope that I am capable to make this cake. Finally I decided to try with styrofoam. In that way on one side the princess will be more stable and on the other side the princess can be kept longer. That idea worked for me, hopefully. Finally, I took a deep breath and continued with the whole project.

I don't want to make you bored with all the decorating stages and instead of giving you so many explanations about the cake, it's better just to download the pictures. I hope you will like it. The most important is that Katherine was pleasantly surprised with the cake. And as her mother told me later on a big smile appeared on her face and sparkles in the eyes.
Here I would like to thank the mother sending me a photo with her young princess from the birthday party.

Once again, Happy birthday, Princess Katherine! Be healthy, be happy!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

It's time to present you my cake - the cake that I made for my birthday. Probably most of you expect something special, extraordinary, something with abundance of decorations... Me too:)
If I should be honest with you I planned a cake a month ago completely different from what I'll present you today. But with the time and looking my schedule I found that I have no time to prepare a cake for myself. I was very busy and finally I took a decision to have my first birthday without a cake :(
But exactly at the last minute (in the late afternoon) the thought that somebody will have a birthday without a cake made me so miserable that with last strength I made a small cake (15cm) for 30min. (I am not including the baking time). It was a rich chocolate cake with my favorite filling made out of mascarpone with strawberries. Then I covered it with dark chocolate ganache and I spread the three fruit that I had in the fridge - strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.

It's time to see the cake....

As you can see nothing special...But I was happy that I had a cake for my birthday and last but not least, the cake was incredibly yummy-yummy. Even my kids ate their pieces and told me that this was the best cake that they had ever eaten!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One love, one heart, one destiny

This cake I made for my true love - my husband. The reason for it is our wedding anniversary today. The idea for the cake came when I noticed this small wooden statue that you can see on the picture. Two years ago my husband bought it for us as a memory from Magog. We try every time when we visit a new place to buy a small souvenir. And now it's time for the cake.

This cake is raw. I made it with two 6" layers full of ground walnuts, almonds, cranberries, raisins, lemon zest, carob powder, ground cookies, cocoanut oil and the most important ingredient - LOVE. The layers are stuck together by abundance of our favorite filling - mascarpone with raspberries.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Chocolate mint treats

Good morning everybody!

In this amazing Friday morning when everybody in the city "is thrilled" by the last (I hope really the last one) snow storm, I'll try to boost your mood with some chocolate treats that I made couple of days ago. I made three different ones (it's hard to see on the picture) with 3 different fillings and flavors. These treats are like cake pops but made by my own recipe and personal food cravings:)

First one are made from vanilla cake mix. I added some drops of coffee, a pinch of sour cream and some vanilla cream. I covered with melted chocolate mint chips. On the top I decorated with some vibrant green Candy Melts.

Second one I made from confetti cake mix with butter cream colored in green and covered with regular chocolate chips. On the top you can see again some decoration with Candy Melts.

Third one is made of chocolate cake mix with rum, covered with chocolate chips and sprinkled with cocoanut flakes. These are my favorites. The taste is unique! That's why these treats disappear first:)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dinosaur cake

Finally it's time to present you the second cake for Luchi (Luchezar). The first one was Transformers. And now you can have a look at his second desire - the scary dinosaurs. I  made the cake with sponge confetti layers and irresistible Raffaello cream filling.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The beautiful and brave Merida again

Today I'll post my second Merida:) As I told you in my previous post usually I am not making any duplicates but last week was an exception. In a week two different clients asked me to make cakes that I have been created before. Even they asked me "Please, don't make any changes.Exactly the same". Of course, I made some not so obvious changes just to keep my thrill :)

Here is my first Merida. And below are the photos of my last one. If you have some free time and you don't know what to do in this beautiful afternoon and just for fun, you can look for the differences.