Sunday, December 29, 2013

FC Bayern Munchen cake

Today's cake is for the 19th birthday of Detelina's son - Jordan. I am sure you guess what are his interests. The mother sent me the logo and she asked me to put it on the cake. That was the only one wish. But I decided to make the cake more colorful and more attractive for her son adding more mini logos around the cake....and adding the FC Bayern Munchen scarf...I hope that Jordan liked his cake...And you? Do you like it?

Happy birthday, Jordan! Good luck in all your initiatives!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy birthday,Mariya!

This cake was for the 18th birthday of a charming girl called Mariya. Her mother ordered the cake as a surprise for her daughter. She mentioned me only that Mariya adores mathematics. And the second thing is Mariya's desire to travel around the world. That's why I decided to create a beautiful girl holding a book with theorems. Behind her is the sign with different destinations - just an idea where she can start...:) And although it's Christmas and everywhere it is covered with snow I decided to make a lovely spring cake with a lot of green and colorful flowers.
Happy birthday, Mariya! I wish you all the best, here and all around the world. Be healthy and happy!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Marine cake


This marine cake was for Navamar's  Christmas party. You can easily understand what is the main business of this company. The man who ordered the cake sent me some pictures to have an idea how the boats really look like. I tried to follow all the main details and now I'll share with you my creation. I hope you'll enjoy it.


I wish fair wind to the company!

Christmas cupcakes for the kids from Notre-Dame-des-Rapides

...And more Christmas cupcakes. Variety of chocolate, banana and carrot muffins, decorated with colorful sprinkles and icing decorations.

...and some more...:)

Happy holidays, dear friends!

Christmas cheese cake

Christmas is over but the holidays mood is still in the air. Finally I found some time to share with you my Christmas desserts. This cheese cake is one of them. It's a homemade and baked cheese cake, made with a lot of love for my friend Vania for her Christmas party with the colleagues.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

...and more Christmas cupcakes

Sorry....probably you are fed up with my Christmas cupcakes but soon the holidays will be over and I'll start with something new :)
Till then, I'll post you something my new cupcakes.

Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

More Christmas cookies

It's Christmas time! Everywhere there are Christmas carols, Christmas lights and air fill of ginger, cinnamon and hope. Hope that this Christmas our dreams will come true.
Of course, all my creations these weeks are related to the upcoming holiday. Today I'll present you more Christmas cookies. The previous ones were very well accepted and I am happy that I brought and I'm still bringing happiness and smiles on people's faces.
Today's cookies are decorated with butter cream - very easy and simple task and great fun for the kids especially for a day like today when the snow reached my knees.....


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas cupcakes

Some Christmas cupcakes for all tastes - chocolate with chocolate chips, oatmeal with raisins and carrot muffins. All of the are covered with fluffy buttercream - red and green. On the top I decorated with ready-made icing decorations which you can find in most specialized stores.

And now more Christmas cupcakes. Definitely they are different style. All of them are covered with fondant and all the decorations are made out of it.
These cupcakes are for a very attractive group of charming ladies in the LaSalle library Octogone.I am proud that they celebrated with my cupcakes and Christmas cookies.