Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy birthday Isabelle!

Happy birthday, dear Isabelle! CakeSophia wish you a lot of smiles and very happy childhood!

This cake was a surprise for Izi's 5th birthday. As most of the girls at that age, Isabelle is also addicted to the movie Frozen :) 
The layers are white ones with very light cream of wild berries, ricotta and sour cream. The decorations are made out of fondant except the beautiful Elsa. She is a decorative ornament that I liked it very much and I decided to use it for my Frozen cakes. Besides the cakes you can use the doll as a decoration on your Christmas tree.

Nautical cake

This "sweet surprise" is made from the charming wife Rositsa who wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday. His passion and his career work are connected, of course. 

Rosi sent me a photo of a helm that they have at their home and I tried to make something similar. She suggested a nautical cake but because last year I made a cake with two boats for her husband's Christmas party, this year we decided to be something different. All other decorations came spontaneously in my mind :)

Happy birthday Grisha! I wish you all the best to you and your lovely family!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Long vehicle cake

This cake is for our friend Mitko. Actually it's not for him but for his son who today celebrates his birthday. The guy works in the family business "Dinev Transport" and helps a lots. That's why the cake is in the shape of a truck. 
Probably you think it's easy to make a cake like this like I thought in the beginning...Not at all, especially if you make the cake with small pieces from here and there. First I hadn't so long cake pan, secondly I followed the proportions and that's why I cut the cake layers in so many pieces. And last but not least, I used very light cream made out of fresh strawberries and not at all butter cream which made the attachment of all these cake pieces more difficult. But never-mind, here is the truck :) It was a real fun to make it!

I strictly followed all details because I had a photo of the truck :)

....And I hope George will like it.
Happy birthday, Georgi! All the best to you and good luck in the business!!! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winter red velvet muffins

Today I have made these red velvet muffins. It was a long time I haven't made a red velvet cake...Spontaneously this morning wondering what to prepare for my son and his friend I started the red velvet mixture. Then I took the baking cups and filled them with the muffin mixture. In 15-18 min in the oven they were ready and delicious odor was everywhere in the kitchen. I put a tiny decoration made out of mascarpone cream and vanilla frosting. Finally I spread some coconut flakes and voila - a delicious treat for the Saturday morning...

Dolphin cake

This cake is for Kristina's 10th birthday. Her parents decided to surprise her for her birthday party with a cake. Kristina hasn't any idea what kind of cake she will receive this year. Here you can see her cake from last year and the year before.
Her parents decided to be a dolphin because during the summer time their daughter swam with the dolphins and she simply fell in love with them.

The cake is made out of chocolate and vanilla layers. The filling between them is cream made out of mascarpone, sour cream and strawberries. Then I wrapped the whole cake with butter cream and with the grey colored fondant...

Happy birthday, dear Kristina! I wish you an amazing birthday party!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas cookies 2014

The Christmas spirit is in the air. This weekend the Santa Clause is coming to town and my cookies "are coming" for you :)

All the Christmas cookies that I'll show you today are gluten-free, with honey and cinnamon. Some of them I decorated with fondant and icing, some of the are attached with strawberry filling and covered gently with icing sugar, some of them are with edible Christmas picture and some of them I left untouched. Different shapes, different decorations and different filling for everybody's taste.

Everyone of you who order a cake between November 20th and December 20th, 2014 will have the chance to try my Christmas cookies :)

And now it's time for more photos....

Everything started from here....these are my baked cookies waiting to be decorated :)

Now let's continue with the decorated cookies, I really hope that the kids will love them.
I made abundance of Santa Clause face :) with different grimaces - and happy, and thoughtful, and curious, and smiling,and a little bit of sadness....all emotions on his face...
And now the elves are coming...
..and the bears...

...and the angels with the Christmas leaves....

...and all together :)

 Here are my cookies with edible Christmas pictures.

That was for the kids :) Now some cookies for us, the adults - again gluten free,some of them are attached with strawberry filling.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Star Wars spaceship

This cake is for Teodor's 6th birthday. As you can guess right now the boy is interested in Star Wars :)

Happy birthday, Teodor! I wish you an amazing birthday party,a lot of friends and plenty of gifts!

The cake is made out of decadent chocolate layers. The filling is very light cream of ricotta, sour cream and wild berries. I wrapped everything with butter cream and then with fondant. Then started the most interesting and amazing part - the painting :) It wasn't so easy especially for somebody like me with trembling hands. These black lines were the most difficult part for me...

What do you think? 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gluten-free dessert

Let's start the weekend with something delicious, something sweet and gluten-free...:) This is my quick morning dessert made with potato and corn flour, avocado oil and abundance of dried fruit - cherries, blueberries and nuts.

Would you like a piece of it?