Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas cookies 2014

The Christmas spirit is in the air. This weekend the Santa Clause is coming to town and my cookies "are coming" for you :)

All the Christmas cookies that I'll show you today are gluten-free, with honey and cinnamon. Some of them I decorated with fondant and icing, some of the are attached with strawberry filling and covered gently with icing sugar, some of them are with edible Christmas picture and some of them I left untouched. Different shapes, different decorations and different filling for everybody's taste.

Everyone of you who order a cake between November 20th and December 20th, 2014 will have the chance to try my Christmas cookies :)

And now it's time for more photos....

Everything started from here....these are my baked cookies waiting to be decorated :)

Now let's continue with the decorated cookies, I really hope that the kids will love them.
I made abundance of Santa Clause face :) with different grimaces - and happy, and thoughtful, and curious, and smiling,and a little bit of sadness....all emotions on his face...
And now the elves are coming...
..and the bears...

...and the angels with the Christmas leaves....

...and all together :)

 Here are my cookies with edible Christmas pictures.

That was for the kids :) Now some cookies for us, the adults - again gluten free,some of them are attached with strawberry filling.

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