Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's time for more Easter cookies

This weekend accidentally I found some new Easter cookie cutters. I bought them with the idea one day to use them and to prepare some cookies. Next year, for example...But on the next early morning I was ready with the cookie batter and immediately I started kneading...:)
I was such an enthusiast that I made even 2 different cookie batters - regular one and one with gluten-free flour.

I baked more than a dozen of  purple tulips decorated with colorful and purple sprinkles.

Honestly on the picture they don't look very attractive. Definitely I can't take professional photos.... My tulips look on the photos very dull with lack of any brightness and shine.

I used a lot of sprinkles because my kids adore them :) And I wanted everything to be very colorful and bright and childish...

Of course, I didn't stop with the tulips...I used the other cookie shapes and look at what I have made for the upcoming holidays for my kids...

...bees, and butterflies, bunnies, eggs, baskets of eggs, chicks,flowers and more tulips :)

The pansies are knitted by hand. I found this knitted piece with the beautiful pansies at home and I thought that it's a good option for a decor right now. It's full of color and life, it brings the spring mood.

All cookies I covered with fondant and then I painted them by hand using the Wilton gel dyes. During the whole coloring process I felt like a small child who have to prepare at home his school activity :) It was such a fun. Next time I promised my kids that they will participate.

I made some batter balls at the ends and I called these cookies "walnuts". On the top I spread some cocoa powder. 

I hope I gave you more ideas what you can prepare for the upcoming Easter, for your family, for the little ones and even for yourself :) Even the kids can participate in this activity and in some way they can help you with all the cooking preparations.

Happy holidays, my virtual friends!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Tiramisu cake

I'll start my post today with one of my favorite cakes-Tiramisu! And I am absolutely sure I am not the only one :)

This cake I made for a friend. Actually the main reason was the birthday but it was a cake surprise....nobody knows...except you :) I won't mention the name of the person because I didn't ask for a permission and...anyway the cake is surprise :)
The recipe you can find here. It's one of my post from this year where I put down the ingredients and all details.

Everything started like this...just the blue ribbon.

...then I added the three blue flowers...just to make it more spacial although I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

 Happy birthday! We wish you all the best!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Zelves cake

This colorful cake is for a very special girl - Veni. She is a friend of my daughters and our families know each other very well.

Happy birthday, dear Veni! Have a great party with a lot of friends and beautiful presents!

Nevena's mother decided to surprise her daughter with this cake. She decided also that Veni will be very happy if she get these 2 cute characters - the zelves. That's why Veni's mom bought them I had to place them on the cake.

Being honest with you I have never heart about these characters. I have never seen them. One more time the cake orders helped me to learn something new and different :)

The zelves live in the forest and that's why the basic cake theme is the grass, the leaves, flowers, mushrooms and..the trunk :)

The cake is vanilla with homemade vanilla cream - light, tender and juicy... All decorations except the two zelves are made out of fondant. And now more photos from different angles...

Happy birthday, dear Veni!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mickey Mouse & the friends cake

And now Mickey Mouse is coming for Cristian's birthday :) Of course, Mickey Mouse friends are invited too :)

Happy birthday, dear boy! Be happy and healthy! Enjoy your party!

The cake was ordered by Cristian's mom. It's a chocolate and vanilla cake with homemade vanilla cream. This type of cream filling is very tender and it's preferable for small kids. Cristian's mom wanted a cake with  the main  characters on the top of it. She preferred the cute plastic toys that you can see on the cake.

All other decorations are made out of fondant.

Happy birthday, dear boy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

...and more Easter cupcakes

Before I start my post with some new Easter cupcakes I would like to share with you this enormous spring cupcake. Last week I made a pink cupcake for Adi's first birthday. While I was decorating the cupcake this idea came to my mind - mo make a flower pot and to bring some spring mood. I dream for spring. I adore this season - the beginning of the new life, time when the lawns are again green, the flowers are coming from the ground, the air is fresh, the sun starts smiling...Everything is colorful and full of life...

That's why today I made this flower pot very quickly. I didn't plan to make any fancy flowers with veins and a lot of details. Just a spring sign!

Now let's continue with my new Easter cupcakes. I would like to give you an idea for quick cupcakes because everybody knows how busy we are at Easter time...There are so many things to prepare and to decorate, that's why we need something quick and attractive.

Today I'll show you my bushy cupcakes.

By the way they are with honey and with caramel chips (my kids' requirement). The decoration on the top is made out of colored icing and in the middle I put the icing bunny that I have bought from the store....

It's easy and colorful! I hope I helped you with another Easter idea :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Chocolate cake for Isabelle

Happy birthday, dear Isabelle!
I wish you plenty of smiles, a lot of friends and beautiful presents!

This cake for Isabelle's birthday. This year her cake wish was a chocolate cake without fondant. Her mother sent me a recipe that she has found in the net and we decided to make the experiment :)

I decorated the cake with abundance of flowers made out of fondant. Isabelle's birthday is in the first day of spring. That's why how can I make a cake without flowers? Of course, that was her wish too...

Be happy, young girl!