Tuesday, March 24, 2015

...and more Easter cupcakes

Before I start my post with some new Easter cupcakes I would like to share with you this enormous spring cupcake. Last week I made a pink cupcake for Adi's first birthday. While I was decorating the cupcake this idea came to my mind - mo make a flower pot and to bring some spring mood. I dream for spring. I adore this season - the beginning of the new life, time when the lawns are again green, the flowers are coming from the ground, the air is fresh, the sun starts smiling...Everything is colorful and full of life...

That's why today I made this flower pot very quickly. I didn't plan to make any fancy flowers with veins and a lot of details. Just a spring sign!

Now let's continue with my new Easter cupcakes. I would like to give you an idea for quick cupcakes because everybody knows how busy we are at Easter time...There are so many things to prepare and to decorate, that's why we need something quick and attractive.

Today I'll show you my bushy cupcakes.

By the way they are with honey and with caramel chips (my kids' requirement). The decoration on the top is made out of colored icing and in the middle I put the icing bunny that I have bought from the store....

It's easy and colorful! I hope I helped you with another Easter idea :)

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