Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Zelves cake

This colorful cake is for a very special girl - Veni. She is a friend of my daughters and our families know each other very well.

Happy birthday, dear Veni! Have a great party with a lot of friends and beautiful presents!

Nevena's mother decided to surprise her daughter with this cake. She decided also that Veni will be very happy if she get these 2 cute characters - the zelves. That's why Veni's mom bought them I had to place them on the cake.

Being honest with you I have never heart about these characters. I have never seen them. One more time the cake orders helped me to learn something new and different :)

The zelves live in the forest and that's why the basic cake theme is the grass, the leaves, flowers, mushrooms and..the trunk :)

The cake is vanilla with homemade vanilla cream - light, tender and juicy... All decorations except the two zelves are made out of fondant. And now more photos from different angles...

Happy birthday, dear Veni!

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