Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chocolate candies box

This weekend we have been invited by our friends to spend some time together. We haven't seen each other for a long time and that's why we were thrilled by the invitation.

Being honest with you I didn't plan any cake. I bought a box of chocolate candies...and suddenly I decided to give them in a different way - in a homemade cake. Our friends aren't fondant lovers. That's why I kept very simple cake, without a lot of decorations. I spread some pink sugar as a board of the box just because my girls adore sparkling things :) And find that green and pink are good combination too.

The cake is made out of decadent chocolate layers. The filling is a cream made out of soaked dried prunes, a little bit of whipping cream and ricotta. Very light cream,perfect for the hot summers days.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

9 years...

Today's cake is dedicated to my family, to me and my husband. Nine years ago we decided to change our lifestyle, to look for more adventures and more memorable moments. We were full of hope and enthusiasm. These 9 years passed really very quickly for us. Time flies when your everyday life is full of new discoveries, happy and not so happy moments.
Of course, we had our ups and downs but as a whole I'm very positive person and that's why I remember only the beautiful moments in our life. And the most beautiful are our 3 kids. Today all of them were with us and we explained them how we started our trip. 

I decided to make a cake for "our day". Something light, creamy, without butter....Something colorful as our life, something sweet and decadent, something different.

Everything started from here...

It's a two layer cake made out of homemade chocolate and pistachio puddings. The two layers I separated with ground almonds and inside the two puddings there was an abundance of mini eclairs. Then a thin vanilla layer was spread on the top and ground pink Candy Melts. The decorations were fresh and delicious raspberries. I arranged some artisan rolled wafers around the cake. Deliberately I didn't cut them at the same height because I wanted to show that not everything in life is perfect,not always "the grass is green". We had a lot of obstacles on our way but we had a lot of beautiful and memorable moments too.

I was very impatient to cut the cake and to see what is inside :)

I wish you, all of you, who have already started or who wants to start such crucial change in your life, just to follow your dreams! Never give up! The dreams make us alive and give us more strength! Good luck!

Last school days cookies

The school year is almost at the end....Everybody waits impatiently for the first day of the vacation. My kids are not an exception of this common rule. They have already started counting the days till June 23rd. (here this is the last day of the school year).
Unfortunately, next 2-3 weeks are the most important time for the students - time for the exams.
And because it's a difficult time for my two kids with all these preparations, dictations, essays, mathematics tasks, homework, etc I decided to make their life a little bit more bright and sweet :)
And I baked some cookies especially for them. I covered them with fondant and all decorations are based on their students' life now.

It's time for my photo session :)

Good luck to all students!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baby boy sweet treats

Today my post will be dedicated to two cute baby boys. Today will be my first time to see them, to hug them. One of the babies was born last autumn and the other one was born this spring. 

This weekend finally our family found free time to spend some precious moments with these two lovely families. And I decided to surprise them with these sweet treats.

Be ready for my photo session :) Here I would like to apologize for some of the pictures. I took them at night and the light, of course, wasn't good :(

This cake is made out of blue velvet layers and fluffy white ones. I used chocolate frosting because I know that the father adores very sweet desserts and I spread fresh strawberries layer for the fruit lovers

I wish you an amazing life, dear baby. Be very healthy and happy!

And now let's continue with the baby boy cookies....(most of them are for the second baby boy who was born last autumn). Most of the decorations are made out of fondant, the others are edible rice paper decorations.

Now let's arrange them in the boxes :)

P.S. I forgot to mention that the two babies have the beautiful name Martin. Isn't it a strange coincidence?