Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baby boy cake

This mini cake in blue was ordered by a friend of mine. She wanted to make a surprise to another lady with a baby boy. That's why the cake theme is "Baby boy" :).

And because I haven't met the lady and the baby, I haven't any idea how many months is the baby and so on and so on...this post will be very short. But full of pictures :)

The cake was made with tender vanilla layers, covered with wild berries jam and fluffy whipping cream. On the top of the cream I spread strawberry pieces.  Then the cake was covered with butter cream and the ruffles were made out of fondant

I hope that the lady will like the cake and I really hope that she will be pleasantly surprised.

And last but not least, I would like to thank my friend who ordered the cake and who always thinks of me! Thank you!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A birthday cake for a mechanical engineer

Happy birthday! Good health and a lot of professional achievements!

This cake is for today's birthday of a man that I have never met. His mother ordered the cake as a surprise for the birthday. Her son is a mechanical engineer and that's why the cake corresponds to his professional field.
You will notice that the sign on the cake is a little bit weird. The reason for this is that I covered the name of the person. I respect my clients' privacy rights and confidentiality of personal information. That's why don't be surprised when you notice the grey line on the sign.

The cake idea belongs to the lady who ordered the cake. By the way, she is amazing. Her voice was so calm and gentle on the phone while we were discussing the cake that I felt like we know each other for a long time, like we were close friends...
The lady sent me different photos on this theme and together we decided how the cake would look like, what mechanical instruments and elements I would put on the cake... The lady wanted more authentic cake, more close to the reality than just a cake.

And here is the final result...

And now from different angles...

All elements, all decorations are edible and are made out of fondant. I used silver spay for the whole cake and then I painted by hand the metal cramps. The cake is made out of vanilla layers gently attached by homemade chocolate cream.

I hope that the man will be pleasantly surprised tonight. I cross my fingers :) And I wish him first of all to be always in good health, to be happy and as I mentioned in the very beginning of my post to have great professional achievements!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Watermelon cupcakes

Last night I made my next experiment. I had bought  a cupcake mix with a sign " Watermelon". That was the first time when I noticed such mix. I was curious to see what kind of cupcakes you can prepare...Especially I was curious about the taste. 

I adore the watermelon! But the real watermelon! My youngest daughter is the same like me. There is always a competition between us who will eat more pieces of this wonderful fruit. I can eat only watermelon with months and I'll not feel any hunger of anything else. And I'm not kidding! That was the other reason to buy and try this new to me cupcake mix.

When I baked the muffins in the paper cups I waited for awhile to cool them and then I removed the cups. Because only in that way you can notice the watermelon look. I used dark green icing chaotically spread on the top just to pretend the watermelon core.

Very easy to make cupcakes...Saving-time cupcakes, no fancy decorations,no fondant...

But the most interesting to me was the taste. Definitely, there was a watermelon taste and flavor! I couldn't believe it! The cupcakes were delicious and fresh, of course,not so fresh as the real watermelon :)

Today I shared with you my last experiment :) Have a great week!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pearls and roses

This birthday cake is for a lady that I have never met...unfortunately. But I met her two beautiful daughters. The first one ordered the cake and the second one came to pick up the sweet surprise. Both of them are very charming and very communicative. It was nice to meet and talk with them.

I really hope that their mother will like the sweet surprise....

The cake is vanilla with mascarpone cream filling and fresh blueberries. All decorations are made out of fondant. 

The design of this elegant cake came from Rumi,one of the daughters. She asked me for roses and pearls. Very stylish and elegant combination...

I wish the lady to be always in good health and  to have an amazing birthday party surrounded by close friends and relatives.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happy birthday Evgeniy

...And another birthday...another cake. This time the cake is very, very chocolate :). The cake is for Evgeniy's birthday. Be happy, be very happy, Evgeniy!

The cake is made out of chocolate layers and between them I spread light chocolate filling. Just to change the color of the cake and to add some juicy taste I added layers of fluffy whipping cream and fresh blueberries.

On the top I spread dark chocolate ganache, then I sprinkled ground milk chocolate, I made some chocolate icing swirls with chocolate candies on the top of each of them.
At the bottom I made a border of ground almonds....

Happy birthday, Evgeniy! I wish you all the best!

Happy birthday Radost!

Happy birthday, Radost! I wish you memorable and happy moments, new true friends and good luck in your new home!

This cake is for 20th birthday of a girl that I have never met. Actually I have never met anyone of her family...but I hope I'll have the chance to meet them in the future.

Radost's mom, Tania, found me in the net :) She ordered the cake for her oldest daughter birthday. She wanted to make a sweet surprise for the birthday party . The lady gave me the idea of the cake, the color, all details....

 Tania, I wish you good luck in your new place! Be happy and enjoy every single moment!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Red & White cake

This cake is for the birthday of a special person - the husband of a very close friend of mine. My friend, Gulfer, called me and asked me to make a cake-surprise for her husband. She just mentioned what she likes and everything else she left on me...

I made very romantic cake. Not because Gulfer wanted a red cake but because I know how much she loves  her husband. She deserves such strong and passionate love and I am very happy that finally she have found her life partner.

The cake is very chocolate :). Decadent chocolate layers attached by two different kinds of chocolate fillings. I added thin layers of ground almonds too.

Hey guys, I wish you a life full of love, passion, support and respect!