Monday, April 27, 2015

Watermelon cupcakes

Last night I made my next experiment. I had bought  a cupcake mix with a sign " Watermelon". That was the first time when I noticed such mix. I was curious to see what kind of cupcakes you can prepare...Especially I was curious about the taste. 

I adore the watermelon! But the real watermelon! My youngest daughter is the same like me. There is always a competition between us who will eat more pieces of this wonderful fruit. I can eat only watermelon with months and I'll not feel any hunger of anything else. And I'm not kidding! That was the other reason to buy and try this new to me cupcake mix.

When I baked the muffins in the paper cups I waited for awhile to cool them and then I removed the cups. Because only in that way you can notice the watermelon look. I used dark green icing chaotically spread on the top just to pretend the watermelon core.

Very easy to make cupcakes...Saving-time cupcakes, no fancy decorations,no fondant...

But the most interesting to me was the taste. Definitely, there was a watermelon taste and flavor! I couldn't believe it! The cupcakes were delicious and fresh, of course,not so fresh as the real watermelon :)

Today I shared with you my last experiment :) Have a great week!

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