Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lazy town cake

Happy birthday, dear Kathy! I wish you wonderful childhood full of beautiful moments and true friends!

You know Kathy...She is a beautiful girl, very charming and very kind. Last year I made this cake for her birthday party. Now you can see the cake wish is different.

Being honest with you, I am not so familiar with this movie Lazy town. I have seen the characters but that's all. Thanks to Kathy's mom who gave me some ideas how to decorate the cake, I made this....

And now you can see it's a cake with plenty of daisies and tiny stars. It brings more spring spirit , more fresh air and more smiles :)

And now some words about the cake :)
It was made out of chocolate and vanilla layers with colorful bits. On the top of each layer I spread fresh strawberries and then one of my favorite creams-homemade vanilla cream. Then the cake was covered with fondant and this colorful picture was layered in the middle. All other decorations are made out of fondant.

Be very happy and healthy girl,Kathy!

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