Sunday, February 23, 2020

Kalina's birthday cake or Enchantimals cake

Happy birthday, dear Kalina! We love you so much!!!! We wish you all the best!

This year Kalina's cake wish are characters from Enchantimals. For those of you (like me) who are not familiar with all these characters, these are dolls with animal faces. These faces that are on the cake are picked by Kalina. Now you will have an idea what I'm talking about....

The cake is chocolate with delicious whipping cream filling. That's Kalina's cake wish. The tree bark is made out of melted chocolate. Only the two faces are made out of fondant. The grass mousse is also edible. The lady bugs are homemade chocolates.

Naked red velvet cake

Ariel`s cake

Happy birthday, Sophia! I wish you a wonderful birthday party!

Sophia`s cake wish is Ariel. Her mom sent me a photo of a similar cake and I made it in my way. The cake is a combination of vanilla and chocolate layers gently attached by fluffy vanilla cream and fresh strawberries. All the decorations except Ariel are made out of fondant. Ariel is a plastic decoration. Let`s have a look...

Unicorn cake

The Unicorn cake!!! This theme cake is so popular these days among the girls! Now I'll share with you my last unicorn cake for the 5th birthday party. You'll see a lot of bright and vibrant colors and I hope they will bring a lot of smiles among the kids.
The cake is chocolate made with light and fluffy vanilla cream inside. The decorations are made out of colored butter cream and some of the them are made out of fondant (the corn, some of the flowers). I used also colored sugar and sprinkles. Let's have a look...As you know me, there will be a lot of photos😉

Now it's time to add to this colorful cake and some unicorn cookies. These are my traditional vanilla cookies decorated by fondant. Let's have a look...