Thursday, November 30, 2017

Train cake

Happy birthday, dear Victor! I wish you a childhood full of smiles, friends and a lot of nice surprises! Be always in  good health! Enjoy your birthday party!

This cake is for Victor's birthday party at the daycare. He and his parents wanted to surprise his friends with a cake. There is one of Vicky's favorite toys right now on the top of the cake - the train. Vicky's mom mentioned me about the train and I made it out Rice Krispy, then I wrapped it with fondant. Only the decorations on this cake are fondant. The green cream is colored vanilla frosting, the cake contains vanilla and chocolate layers and the filling is light vanilla cream.

I wish Victor to have colorful childhood like a rainbow, to be a happy and good  boy. All the best!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hatchimal cake

Happy birthday, dear Isabelle! I wish an amazing birthday party, a lot of presents and true friends!

This year Isabelle's mom decided to surprise her with the birthday cake. As most of the girls at that age, Isabelle also likes the cute hatchimals. That's why the cake is related to these cute creatures :)
The layers are vanilla colored by different color sprinkles. The filling is very light chocolate cream. The decorations are made out of fondant and I also used edible sprays.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tinker Bell cake

Happy birthday, Miki! Enjoy your birthday party!!! All the best!

The cake is made out of thin colored like a rainbow layers. The filling is whipping cream with fresh blueberries. 
Miki's mom has brought me the doll and together we decided how to make Miki's cake.

Baby boy shower cake

This cake was ordered by a friend who have already met in my cake post. You don't know the lady but you know the cake that I made for her special day, for her wedding. Here you can see the cake.

Last week the lady asked me for a cake for a baby shower. She sent me a photo of the cake that she wanted. I followed the main idea but I changed it a little bit. I hope you like it...

The cake is a combination of vanilla and chocolate layers with vanilla filling. All decorations are made out of fondant.
Now let's start our tour around the cake.

All the best!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Pokemon cupcakes

These vanilla cupcakes were for a birthday party. A friend sent me a photo of similar cupcakes and asked me to make some of Pokemon's cupcake for her son's birthday. The cream on the top is whipping cream and vanilla frosting. The Pokemon ball is made out of fondant. Enjoy them!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Butterfly cake

Happy birthday, Galena! Be happy and healthy child!

The idea of this butterfly cake came from Galena's parents. The cake is vanilla with fluffy vanilla cream inside. The cake is covered by pink vanilla frosting. Some of the decorations are fondant, some are buttercream. I used edible pink pearls too. Galena's parents intended to put a doll ( a plastic toy) in the middle of the butterfly. That's why I don't have the final cake image but you can still enjoy the butterfly :)

Kitten cake

  Happy birthday, Madlen! Be very happy!

This year Madlen's cake wish are the kittens. That's why they are our main characters on the cake. 
The cake is a combination of vanilla and chocolate layers gently attached by fluffy vanilla cream. All decorations are made out of fondant.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Valerie's cake

Happy birthday, dear Valerie! Be very happy girl and keep always your charming smile on the face!
That's Valerie's cake. Here, it's the moment to thank her mom for sending me photos of the birthday party and the cake....Probably you are wondering why I'm so happy to have photos of cake if I made it...The answer is very simple. Because I gave to Valerie's parents this cake...

...As you can see the final touch is missing...

Valerie's mom had decided to make Minnie's head by herself using Styrofoam and some shiny material. I made the bow out of fondant and together we were ready for the birthday party. Thanks to Val's mom creativity the cute girl got the most beautiful and elegant birthday cake.

All the best, dear Val!