Sunday, August 14, 2016

Shopkins cake

Happy birthday,dear Sophia!!!!! We love you! You are our precious big girl! We wish you all the best!

As you can see this year Sophia's cake wish is Shopkins. This is the new girls' attraction for the last year. I can't believe how strong our girls can be addicted to these tiny faces...

Anyway, my task was to make a cake that my Sophia has desired. The first tier is red velvet with chocolate cheese cream. I used pink buttercream around the cake instead of the traditional fondant. The second tier is chocolate layer filled with fluffy vanilla cream. The face of this Shopkins is covered by fondant and the top - by blue buttercream.

I used also pink and purple spray, pink pearls, pink crystals and a lot of love!!!!

This image I copied on a non-stick baking paper from a book and then I transferred on a fondant white sheet. Then I colored it by colored pens and dyes. 

Now let see the small Shopkins that I made out of fondant for a cake decoration.

And some photos around the cake...

Beside the cake I made some cherry muffins with a red velvet small ball inside - a small surprise. Then I used some purple and pink butter cream for the top and these cute fans that I found in a store near us.

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