Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mickey and Minnie Mouse cake

This colorful cake is for Nikoleta's 3rd birthday. Happy birthday! I am sure you had an amazing party today with your friends and family.

Nikoleta's cake wish this year is Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Her mom called me and together we discussed the cake design. The idea is Minnie and Michey are going to a picnic. They are sitting in a beautiful lawn enjoying the birthday party ( I added a small cake in front of  Minnie), relaxing, talking and smiling. 

Minnie is holding a bouquet of flowers from Mickey...:) The butterflies and the ladybugs are flying around representing a beautiful summer day like today.

The cake is made out of vanilla and chocolate layers. The filling is fluffy vanilla cream (no butter) and mini vanilla eclairs. All decorations are made out of fondant.

I decided to surprise Nikoleta with a small sweet gift made especially for her with a lot of love - some vanilla cookies with her favorite characters...

Happy birthday, Nikoleta!!!! Be happy!

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