Friday, August 19, 2016

Emoji cake

These Emoji cookies and a cake were for Erik's 12th birthday. Of course, they were ordered by his mom, Jeny, very charming and attractive lady. 

Jeny wanted to surprise his son and his friends with these funny emoji faces. The cookies are traditional ones with fondant and most of them are with a face on an edible rice paper. 

How can you imagine a birthday party without a cake....Here it is...Emoji cake :)

Unfortunately on the photos the yellow color is very pale. Probably because of the sun light.I used some candies that I spread around the cake.

Happy birthday,Erik! Be very happy boy and enjoy your birthday party!!!!!

It was such fun to decorate and wrap all the cookies...I put them later on in a box and the sweet surprise was ready to be taken.

I decided to make a very small surprise for Jeny. Although I hadn't any chance to meet Jeny before and we spoke only on the phone, I had the feeling that we know each other for a long time. She is such an attentive and kind lady. Anyway, I made a cookie especially for her. Don't forget the moms when the kids have a birthday....

Jeny, I wish you all the best! I wish your son to have an amazing birthday party, to enjoy his day and to keep the good memories forever!

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