Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween cupcakes

Happy Halloween everyone!

These are my last Halloween cupcakes for this year. I made them for our friends and mainly for their kids.I hope they will like them.

Half of the cupcakes are vanilla and the other half are chocolate with chocolate chips. The cream on the top is butter cream colored in purple,orange and green. I used different kinds of decorations - paper and plastic ones, chewing gums, candies, sprinkles...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Princess cake for a beautiful princess

Happy birthday, dear Poly!!! We wish you all the best!

This cake is pink is for our friend Poly who celebrated today her 6th birthday. 
Her mom asked me for a cake with princesses and together we decided to make a cake that looks like a castle and to put some princesses as decorations. Now you can see the final result...:) The princesses are plastic cake decorations thatI found in one of my favorite stores - Giggles.

Now I'll share with you the different sides of the castle before I put the toys...

The cake is chocolate with fluffy banana cream inside. The decorations are made out of fondant except the princesses as I mentioned before.

 And now it's time for the cookies. Of course, they are theme related - more princesses.

These cookies are our small present to our beautiful princess Poly who celebrates her birthday today.

The cookies are classic, vanilla with fondant decoration and photos on an edible paper....

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Baptism cookies

It's time to share with you some cookies that were ordered for a baptism party. The big event is this weekend. The preparation was enormous and everything was planned a long time ago. Being honest with you, I have never met the family who is celebrating. I spoke with the mother almost a month and a half ago on the phone discussing the sweet treats and all the details concerning the cookies. I can imagine how busy was the lady organizing everything for this big event with a lot of guests.

Today, I'll share with you thousand of photos taken by me...The cookies are vanilla, covered by white fondant and all the decorations are made out of fondant too. Ashley is the name of the girl for whom the whole baptism party is organised. Each cookie is wrapped individually in a transparent bag gently attached by white ribbon.

Enjoy them!

And now the cookies are in the boxes...ready to be delivered to the celebrating family.