Saturday, June 14, 2014

10 ans Jenie's Dance School

Today I'll present you what I have created for the 10th anniversary of Jenie's Dance School. The spectacle that Jenie had organized on June 14th 2014 was amazing!!!!! I had the honor to watch it and it's difficult to find the right words to express all my emotions and thrills. The spectacle was simply stunning! The unbelievable beauty! 
If you want to be part of this beauty you can check what kind of courses Jenie offers. That spectacle was the memorable ending of an year of hard work, a lot of efforts and passionate devotion to ballet dance.
And now some words for the cute cupcakes that you are seeing from my photos. Jenie decided to surprise all her little dancers with something sweet at the end. All of the cupcakes are vanilla and half of them are decorated with tiny flowers, half of them are girls' faces. The decorations are made out of fondant. On the top of the stand I put the dark pink flower made out of textile with the beautiful ballet dancer. They are just a final touch of the decoration of the stand with the sweet surprises.


And now some photos before I had arranged the cupcakes on the stand. Just to have an idea how many cute faces and roses I had done :)

I hope all of the dancers will have unforgettable and sweet memories of this spectacular show.

Irresistibly delicious muffins

These are my healthy and irresistibly delicious muffins. Probably for most of you they don't look attractive and yummy-yummy. Yes, they are not decorated in a fancy way  and they may not catch your eye at all but....There is always "but". These muffins are made with ingredients healthy for your body and definitely they are the better choice in comparison with the traditional "supermarket" muffins.
Anyway, I am very proud of myself because finally I create by myself a recipe that I adore 100%. The muffins are moist and not falling apart. They don't have any sugar. The sweetness comes from the dried and soaked dates and black cherries. On the photos you can see some dark pieces - these are actually the black cherries; the muffins are not burned. I used granola, poppy, sesame, hemp and flax seeds, godji berry, avocado oil and water. I also added some pecans - I adore them. You can use walnuts or whatever nut you like. I spread also cinnamon in the mixture and that's it. It's really very simple recipe - you can use whatever you like and whatever you have at the moment. You just mix all the ingredients together and then fill the muffin paper cups.

They are very good for an afternoon snack with a cup of nice tea or aroma coffee.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Blueberry cake

This purple cake I made for my true love - my husband. He adores the cream that I made with mascarpone and fresh berries and that's why I decided to surprise him with something sweet made only for him. Very often I made this favorite cream with a mixture of wild berries or only with strawberries. This time I had very sweet and juicy blueberries and immediately I used part of them for my surprise. At the bottom I baked chocolate layer and then I spread my cream. I chilled it in the fridge for couple of hours and then I decorated it with fresh blueberries and some mint leaves. And here we go...

Here it's the moment to share with you an amazing gift that I have received recently from a very close friend. This girl, my friend, is very special to me and that's why her gift is very precious. By the way,it's very beautiful! It's simply stunning!
Now when you'll see it I'm sure you will agree with me. It's an unique present and as it written on the label "it is unique one of a kind piece of glass art". I won't torture you anymore. Here it is....

Isn't it simply incredible? It's made of a special glass called Dichroic Glass (that's what is written on the label; before that I had never heart of that kind of material). It has a multi layer coating similar to this one of a gemstone.It also has a transmitted color and a completely different reflective one. That's why this necklace change its color depending on the angle of view and the colors that it is surrounded by.....That's what I have read on a small label explaining the uniqueness of this glass. If you are interested you can find more info concerning the Dichroic Glass in the net.
I just wanted to share with you this precious for me gift and I used the occasion to show you how it suits my purple cake :)

Unfortunately, my friend can't try the dessert now but I hope she will enjoy the photo :)
Thank you, my dear friend!!!!!You will be always in my heart! I'm blessed that I have met you, I am blessed that I know a person like you!

Marine cupcakes

These cupcakes I made for my son and his best boyfriend. The idea is completely mine :) I am ready for the long waiting summer, I am ready for sun and sea breeze, for the beautiful sea and the warm sand. That was the simply reason why I decided to make some marine cupcakes. I hope they will like them....Some of them are chocolate, some of them are carrot muffins. I put blue-colored buttercream on the top. Then I decorated with fondant and I used the thematic paper sticks.

Have fun, boys! Enjoy the lovely Sunday!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pirate's treasure chest cake

This cake is for Theo's 5th birthday. The idea came from his mother who wanted to surprise him with something special.
I really hope that Theo will be pleasantly surprised when he will see the cake. It's a chocolate one with chocolate frosting. The treasure chest is covered with fondant and inside it I put different kinds of candies. All of them are edible except the golden coins where you have to unwrap them before you eat the chocolate coin inside the foil. The sand is brown sugar.
Theo, I wish you an amazing birthday party!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gluten-free cookies

Честит празник, мили деца! Бъдете здрави и винаги носете детското в себе си!!!! Весел празник,много усмивки и голяма забава Ви пожелавам.

And now some words about the cookies....Although July 1st is an International Children's Day, here, in Canada nobody celebrates it except we, the Bulgarians. And why not! It's an amazing day for the kids and for us, the parents. Why don't we bring more smiles on our children's faces? Everybody likes the holidays and the special days, the days full of surprises, small gifts, a lot of ice cream and cookies...
That's why this morning when I woke up and after several seconds of realizing which day is today, I decided to surprise my kids with cookies. Immediately after breakfast I started making the cookie dough. These cookies are gluten-free and they are made out of stone-ground buckwheat and brown rice flour. I used my favorite cookie recipe and I changed the white flour with this mixture. Also I replaced the white sugar with brown.
To impress my kids I decided to use cookie cutters to make different kind of sweet bites. Of course, you have already noticed Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I also added some animals - a lion, an elephant, a pig and a dog...

I won't lie you - till this moment there are less than half of the cookies I have made this morning. I am happy that my kids liked them.