Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gluten-free cookies

Честит празник, мили деца! Бъдете здрави и винаги носете детското в себе си!!!! Весел празник,много усмивки и голяма забава Ви пожелавам.

And now some words about the cookies....Although July 1st is an International Children's Day, here, in Canada nobody celebrates it except we, the Bulgarians. And why not! It's an amazing day for the kids and for us, the parents. Why don't we bring more smiles on our children's faces? Everybody likes the holidays and the special days, the days full of surprises, small gifts, a lot of ice cream and cookies...
That's why this morning when I woke up and after several seconds of realizing which day is today, I decided to surprise my kids with cookies. Immediately after breakfast I started making the cookie dough. These cookies are gluten-free and they are made out of stone-ground buckwheat and brown rice flour. I used my favorite cookie recipe and I changed the white flour with this mixture. Also I replaced the white sugar with brown.
To impress my kids I decided to use cookie cutters to make different kind of sweet bites. Of course, you have already noticed Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I also added some animals - a lion, an elephant, a pig and a dog...

I won't lie you - till this moment there are less than half of the cookies I have made this morning. I am happy that my kids liked them. 

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