Saturday, June 14, 2014

10 ans Jenie's Dance School

Today I'll present you what I have created for the 10th anniversary of Jenie's Dance School. The spectacle that Jenie had organized on June 14th 2014 was amazing!!!!! I had the honor to watch it and it's difficult to find the right words to express all my emotions and thrills. The spectacle was simply stunning! The unbelievable beauty! 
If you want to be part of this beauty you can check what kind of courses Jenie offers. That spectacle was the memorable ending of an year of hard work, a lot of efforts and passionate devotion to ballet dance.
And now some words for the cute cupcakes that you are seeing from my photos. Jenie decided to surprise all her little dancers with something sweet at the end. All of the cupcakes are vanilla and half of them are decorated with tiny flowers, half of them are girls' faces. The decorations are made out of fondant. On the top of the stand I put the dark pink flower made out of textile with the beautiful ballet dancer. They are just a final touch of the decoration of the stand with the sweet surprises.


And now some photos before I had arranged the cupcakes on the stand. Just to have an idea how many cute faces and roses I had done :)

I hope all of the dancers will have unforgettable and sweet memories of this spectacular show.

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