About Us

Why I have decided to name the blog CakeSophia?

First, logically it’s a blog for cakes, cupcakes and all the delicious challenges in our life. Why it’s Sophia. That’s the name of my older daughter. She is a very young and very clever for her age girl. She has always inspired me making cakes. Actually that’s the way how I started-first at home with cakes for my family, for different occasions. Sophia has always encouraged me. Even when the final cake is far from my dreams, from the projects in my head, she has always reacted like this: “Wow, what a beautiful cake!” That exclamation always works for me. The sparkles in her eyes, the sincerity in her voice, give me strength to continue to improve my abilities as a cake designer.

CakeSophia is on the market not only to create interesting and unique cakes, not only to satisfy clients’ desires. We constantly strive to create cakes that exceed customers’ expectations.

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