Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Thank you" cake


Today's cake you have seen a lot of times...As most of you know I prefer to make cakes that are unique but exactly this cake I made it at least 4 times. The lady that first received it a year ago likes it so much that she doesn't want any change at all. Of course, I respect her wish. But because my pictures are so awful you can find the differences...:) Unfortunately when I took these pictures was at dark and the light wasn't appropriate to show you how beautiful  the cake is. I'll post also 2 pictures with the flash on and you'll see how big is the difference....
Anyway, I hope you like "my baby" :)

And now with the flash on....


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"I love you" cake

Today's cake is for the wedding anniversary of a very charming couple. Actually the cake was a surprise for the husband! What a sweet surprise!
The cake was made out of moist red velvet layers attached with homemade cream cheese frosting. That is the traditional recipe that I followed except for the frosting. The cream cheese that I used is Tofutti's "Better than the cream cheese" lactose-free. Honestly that was the most difficult part of making the cake because here, where I live, it's difficult to find that kind of products....
But, anyway...Happy anniversary, dear friends! I wish you strong and passionate love!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy birthday,Kristina!

Today's cake is for the 9th birthday of Kristina - very charming girl with an amazing smile. You have already met Kristina, mainly her cake. Last year I made a cake for her birthday. Here you can see it again. This year Kristina's wish was a pink heart with flowers. The cake was made out of irresistibly delicious chocolate layers with homemade chocolate cream.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The cars....again


As I promised you last time another cake "The cars" will come soon. A week ago I shared with you Yoanna's birthday cake. For her 3rd birthday she asked for a cake "The cars". Here you can refresh your memories from the last week. This week is her brother's birthday. Angel celebrated his 8th birthday with a cake on the same theme. Definitely there is an obvious relation "brother-sister". As I knew from his mother he was very impatient to see his cars-toys on the cake. His mother, of course, shared with me his favorite colors and I was ready to start my cake. This time the cake was with fluffy homemade chocolate cream and a lot of blue butter cream used for the borders and some other decorations.
Happy birthday, Angel! I wish you plenty of smiles on your face and a lot of presents at the party!

Monday, November 18, 2013

AVON cake

Last week there was an AVON party organized by one of the company's representative. I was one of the invited and that's why I decided to bring something sweet to our hostess. That was my way to say "Thank you" for the invitation. I made a small and very simple cake just for our hostess and her family. The dessert was made of 3 layers - 1chocolate and 2 vanilla with confetti - colorful and different as the products that the lady represents. The cake is simple but it's made with a lot of love and appreciation. It's time to see it...


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy birthday, Yoanna!


"The cars" cake this time is for a very charming girl - Yoanna. She celebrates her third birthday and playing with her older brother Angel it's sure that the girl will have the same interests. The cake represents a scene in the desert. The sand I made with finely ground cookies. The other option was to use brown sugar but I find the idea spreading cookies more edible than the sugar :).The grass was made out of green colored butter cream. The cactuses and the rocks are made out of fondant. The cars are real toys only the McQueen is made out of plastic cake decoration. At the end of the party the girl will have the toys to play with them :)
In a week time will be her brother's birthday. His wish for a cake is....The cars!!! That's why pretty soon I'll show you my second cake in this theme.

And here, it's time to share with you my mistake....I missed a letter in girl's name!!!!Unfortunately I didn't notice this in the beginning while I was taking the pictures. After that I replaced the sign but I didn't take a picture :) Sorry....

Happy birthday, dear Yoanna! I wish you great party with a lot of gifts and true friends!
Now I'll share with you two photos showing some small changes to the cake...As I told you the cake was for a girl and that's why at the very last moment the mother asked me to make it more colorful spreading flowers everywhere....Definitely, the cake was more colorful and I hope more irresistible to the kids. They all like different colors decorations. In the beginning I refused to put flowers because in the desert there aren't any flowers....but as the mother told me I am thinking too much while I am making the cakes, always looking for logic. The kids look for shiny decorations, they don't look for any logic. That was enough to convince me of spreading the flowers....:)And now the final result...
...And now you can see the right spelling of the name :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Baby shower cake

Today's cake has a very interesting history. It's a cake for a baby shower and the expected baby with be a girl. Probably till this moment you don't find anything so interesting but let's continue with the whole story. And exactly this story will explain you why the cake is decorated in that way.
The parents have come from different counties. The father is French and the mother is Colombian. That's why the baby steps are made to look like the French and the Colombian flags. The couple lives in Quebec and the baby will be born in Quebec. That's why between the steps I made the symbol of Quebec (fleur de lys). Now I hope with my short explanations you have a clear idea why I decorated the cake in that way.
By the way the cake was a surprise for the parents. A very charming young lady, couples' friend, ordered the cake for the baby shower's party.
I wish good luck to the couple and plenty of memorable and full of happiness moments!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New recipe muffins

Today I'll present you my last muffins made on an absolutely new recipe and proudly I can announce that I created the recipe. Hopefully the combination of ingredients was perfect. I enjoyed every single bite of my muffin, even every single crumb. And proudly I can announce that I didn't use any sugar. Some of them I left without any decoration on the top, some of them are with irresistible light cream.
OK, let's share with you my invention! The muffins are made with flax flour, an egg, water, dried cranberries, dates and some of them are with chopped walnuts. I baked them at the oven at 400F and because they are without any baking powder they didn't become bigger. But I had enough space to fill the space of the cup with the cream. The cream is butter cream free :)The ingredients are: mascarpone cream, sour cream and black cherry, raspberry and blood orange, everything is well blended. And what do you think for this combination? May be it sounds weird but honestly it's irresistibly delicious!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Fruit cake for Angy

And here it is: The cake that I promised you yesterday for Angy's birthday at the daycare. Fruit, fruit and again fruit. The cake was made out of tender vanilla layers attached with homemade vanilla cream. Everything I wrapped with buttercream and covered with this decorative sheet that you see on the picture. I bought it from Michael's but if you are interested in it you can find a lot of different colors and designs in the bigger specialized cake stores. Honestly I don't like them especially when I wrap a cake because they are very fragile. Not while I am working with them but every time when you pick up and lift the cake you have to pay extra attention. The sheet can be torn very easily. Beside this I like very much the red swirls which I find they are in a good combination with the raspberries. I panned to decorate with strawberries and blueberries because I know that kids love them but unfortunately I couldn't find good at the market. Of course, I left everything for the last moment. The cake have to be as fresh as a cucumber. It's for very young kids. That's the reason why I didn't want to use any gelatin for the fruit.
Once again, Happy birthday, Angy! I wish you every single day to be like your birthday! Have fun!

Tinker Bell

Happy birthday, dear Angy!
This cake is for the third birthday of a very charming girl from the daycare of my daughter. Right now Angy adores Tinker Bell as you can guess easily. Even for her birthday party she was with Tinker Bell's dress. All the decorations were thematic and the atmosphere was like a party for princesses and fairies....
Angy's parents bought all the tiny figures and I had to find place for all of them on the cake. Unfortunately I picked up only these 5. Sorry, Angy...But I found the cake too overloaded with fairies :)
All other decorations are made out of fondant. The first cake is made out of 2 vanilla layers and the space between them is filled with mini éclairs and homemade vanilla custard. The cake is wrapped with purple buttercream and covered with fondant. The second cake is red velvet with the traditional cheese cream filling. Bonne apetit!


Here these were my cake pictures without the fairies and below you can see the final result. 

P.S. Wait soon for the second cake. It will be for Angy's birthday party at the daycare.