Monday, November 11, 2013

Fruit cake for Angy

And here it is: The cake that I promised you yesterday for Angy's birthday at the daycare. Fruit, fruit and again fruit. The cake was made out of tender vanilla layers attached with homemade vanilla cream. Everything I wrapped with buttercream and covered with this decorative sheet that you see on the picture. I bought it from Michael's but if you are interested in it you can find a lot of different colors and designs in the bigger specialized cake stores. Honestly I don't like them especially when I wrap a cake because they are very fragile. Not while I am working with them but every time when you pick up and lift the cake you have to pay extra attention. The sheet can be torn very easily. Beside this I like very much the red swirls which I find they are in a good combination with the raspberries. I panned to decorate with strawberries and blueberries because I know that kids love them but unfortunately I couldn't find good at the market. Of course, I left everything for the last moment. The cake have to be as fresh as a cucumber. It's for very young kids. That's the reason why I didn't want to use any gelatin for the fruit.
Once again, Happy birthday, Angy! I wish you every single day to be like your birthday! Have fun!

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