Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wine bottle in a crate

This "bottle" is my birthday gift to a very special friend. I haven't asked her for a permission to mention her name here and that's why I won't say anything more. Only my wish to be very happy and always in good health!

This post will be short in text but as always with a lot of photos. I couldn't stop taking pictures and now I can't choose which ones to publish here :) That's why be ready for my photo session :)

My friend adores wine...and that give you an idea why I made that kind of cake :)

The bottle is made out of gum paste. The wine labelno is edible. The straw is made out of coconut flakes baked for awhile just to change a little bit the color. The crate is made out of fondant and the cake is cheese cake... My friend adores cheese cakes and that's why I decide to surprise her with her favorite dessert. I baked very thin lemon layers and I attached them with the traditional filling for cheese cake.

I hope it was a good combination...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cheese cake for my husband

А това ще бъде един много кратък, поздравителен пост,специално за моя съпруг, който днес има имен ден...Да ни е жив и здрав, да продължава да бъде все такъв любящ съпруг и баща и да ни издържа на капризите...:)

Естествено, за всеки празник аз правя по някоя тортичка :) И този път не изневерих на тадицията. Този път бях решила да е нещо лекичко, подходящо за летните горещини (не че има горещини,но поне астрономическото лято дойде) и веднага ми дойде идеята за чийзкейк.

Основата е от натрошен лимонов блат,като трохичките са "слепени" с кокосово олио. Самият чийзкейк е по страндартна рецепта (която навсякъде из нета може да намерите), само дето му добавих сладко от кайсии. Отгоре го декорирах с натрошени шоколадови бисквитки-пурички,а по средата добавих резенчета от сушените кайсии от сладкото.

За разкош добавих и червени боровинки и цели,сурови бадеми. И ето го моят десерт - бърз, лесен, ароматен и неустоимо  вкусен.

Честит празник на всички именици днес! Носете с гордост името си! Весел празник!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Soccer cake

This soccer cake is for the 8th birthday of a very cute boy - Teo. I have met Teo for the first time when he came at home with his mother to pick up the cake. I was very glad that I had the chance to meet the boy because usually some of the parents was coming to pick up the cake and I couldn't see the kid's expression. That is the most important to me. The kids are so honest, so innocent, they can't hide anything and just for a second I can understand if  the cake makes the child happy and satisfied, if I exceeded his expectations or just the opposite...

Actually the cake was ordered by a lady, close friend to Teo's family as a gift to the boy. 
Now some words about the cake...

Fluffy white layers colored with colorful sprinkles. Homemade vanilla cream attached gently the layers. Then I wrapped the cake with the fondant. Only the ribbon around the cake is from textile but I find it very suitable for this theme :)

Happy birthday, Teo! Be very happy and healthy boy! Enjoy the summer and good luck in this sport!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ninja Turtles cake

Happy birthday, dear Tino! Have a great birthday party full of memorable surprises, desired gifts and a lot of friends!

Konstantin (or Tino as all kids from the daycare call him) celebrates today his 5th birthday. His cake wish are the Turtles Ninjas. 

After so many photos of the turtles from different angles, it's time to give you some explanations. All the figurines are made out of fondant. I made them in advance. Usually when I have to make some figures I prefer to make them couple of days earlier before the pick-up day for the cake. In that way I am not so stressed and I can spend more time baking the layers, preparing the fillings, covering the cake with fondant...From the photos you can notice what the humidity makes with the fondant. The poor turtles look like they are poured into water :)

Tino mentioned that he wants the rat too - Master Splinter. And here came the biggest problem. I made it so many times and every time It looked to me like a wolf :(. Finally I was so frustrated and desperate that I left it like that. My kids noticed my emotions and they tried to calm me down saying "It's OK. Yes, it looks like a rat...." And in a second or two they added" A little bit like a rat, a little bit like a wolf". And this statement has just killed me... But this Master Splinter was out of my competence....Anyway, I don't want to make this post dedicated to the Rat :)

To feel better I added some pizza pieces :). And I hope I made the turtles feel better too.

The cake is made out of 2 different layers - chocolate and vanilla filled with colorful sprinkles. The filling is made out of mascarpone, sour cream and wild berries.

I hope that Tino will like his cake. What do you think?

Barcelona cake

This cake was for Ivailo's 8th birthday. Ivailo is a very cute boy,very charming with a very attractive smile.

As you can see from the photos Ivailo's passion is the soccer and his favorite team is Barcelona.
Emy, Ivailo's mom, ordered the cake mentioning her son's interest. She has just told me the name of the team and everything else left on me...

I have just mentioned that I'll make the soccer ball. Later, I decided to add the soccer scarf. I ordered the Barcelona logo on an edible paper - 2 small to add to the scarf and one bigger to be placed in front of the cake.

The biggest cake is chocolate with my favorite filling made out of mascarpone, ricotta and wild berries. The second cake is vanilla with the same filling. And the soccer ball is again chocolate with chocolate frosting. I used green frosting to make the grass.

Dear Ivailo, happy birthday! Be very happy and healthy boy! Enjoy your birthday party!