Sunday, June 28, 2015

Soccer cake

This soccer cake is for the 8th birthday of a very cute boy - Teo. I have met Teo for the first time when he came at home with his mother to pick up the cake. I was very glad that I had the chance to meet the boy because usually some of the parents was coming to pick up the cake and I couldn't see the kid's expression. That is the most important to me. The kids are so honest, so innocent, they can't hide anything and just for a second I can understand if  the cake makes the child happy and satisfied, if I exceeded his expectations or just the opposite...

Actually the cake was ordered by a lady, close friend to Teo's family as a gift to the boy. 
Now some words about the cake...

Fluffy white layers colored with colorful sprinkles. Homemade vanilla cream attached gently the layers. Then I wrapped the cake with the fondant. Only the ribbon around the cake is from textile but I find it very suitable for this theme :)

Happy birthday, Teo! Be very happy and healthy boy! Enjoy the summer and good luck in this sport!

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