Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Raw cake with figs

My post today is a raw cake. I'll give you the recipe but not with the proper measurements. Why? Because I estimated all ingredients by sight. The consistency depends on your taste and preference. You can always replace some of the ingredients if you don't like them...

OK,let's start...
- abundance of ground walnuts
- abundance of ground dried figs
- a little bit of ground cookies
- lemon zest
- coconut oil
- water

I mixed all the ingredients. Then I left the mixture in the fridge. After a while I arranged it in the cake ring. The topping I made out of ricotta , maple syrup and a lot of fresh fruit - pineapple, peach, strawberry. The topping lost its color because of the maple syrup.

On the top I arranged some plum pieces and a small strawberry. As you can see you can make your own masterpiece using whatever you like. If you prefer something more sweet and chocolate you can cover the raw cake with chocolate ganache or some butter cream. I prefer to keep it less sweet, without any butter,less calories, more healthy. The sweetness in the cake came from the dried figs and in the topping from the maple syrup.

 Good luck and bon appetite!

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