Sunday, April 28, 2013

First birthday

Today's cake is for the first birthday of Nina. This is my first cake for this family and although I haven't ever met the mother it was so nice to talk to her on the phone. According to me she is that kind of a lady that makes you feel very comfortable while you are talking or discussing something. No barriers, no muddled situations. It was pleasure to talk to her. On the other side I was flattered to be asked to make the cake for her daughter. As a mother of three I know how important  is the arrangement of a perfect party for her child. I know very well the excitement and the thrill around the first anniversary.There are always a lot of emotions in the air. 
The mother sent me a picture that she found in the net and I made the same or almost the same cake:)

And here is the cake for Nina.

Happy birthday, Nina! I wish you a wonderful birthday, a lot of smiles and nice gifts!Congratulations!

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