Friday, April 12, 2013

Chocolate mint treats

Good morning everybody!

In this amazing Friday morning when everybody in the city "is thrilled" by the last (I hope really the last one) snow storm, I'll try to boost your mood with some chocolate treats that I made couple of days ago. I made three different ones (it's hard to see on the picture) with 3 different fillings and flavors. These treats are like cake pops but made by my own recipe and personal food cravings:)

First one are made from vanilla cake mix. I added some drops of coffee, a pinch of sour cream and some vanilla cream. I covered with melted chocolate mint chips. On the top I decorated with some vibrant green Candy Melts.

Second one I made from confetti cake mix with butter cream colored in green and covered with regular chocolate chips. On the top you can see again some decoration with Candy Melts.

Third one is made of chocolate cake mix with rum, covered with chocolate chips and sprinkled with cocoanut flakes. These are my favorites. The taste is unique! That's why these treats disappear first:)

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