Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy birthday, dear Chrisi!

Happy birthday, dear Chrisi! Be very happy child!

This lion cake is for Chrisi's first birthday. His mom asked me to make the cake for the birthday party. She asked me for a cute lion because Chrisi's zodiac symbol is Leo.

Do you like my lion?
I wanted to make very colorful and bright cake. That's why you can see all this abundance of colors.

The cake is made out of vanilla layers with colorful bits and vanilla homemade filling.
Next to the cake you will notice the colorful cupcakes. Again they were ordered by Chrisi's mom for his birthday party. All of them are lemon muffins but half of them are with raisins and the other half with chocolate chips.

Here on the last photo you will see five different muffins- no fondant decorations, only the paper sticks with the giraffes and the monkeys. These last muffins are for Chrisi's friends from the daycare...

Chrisi, enjoy your first birthday party!

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