Sunday, September 13, 2015

Another fruit crate cake

This crate cake is for Cristian's birthday. Happy birthday! Be very happy!

Cristian has found my crate cake that I made not a long time ago for my cousin. He adores fruit and chocolate and as I understood later on he is not a fan of the fondant covered cakes. That's why he asked me to remove the fondant crate. But because I knew that he liked the idea of the fruit crate I decided to replace the fondant crate with these waffle chocolate treats.

The cake is made out of lemon and chocolate layers with mascarpone cream filling with wild berries. Between the layers I arranged layers of mini eclairs. I covered the whole cake with chocolate fudge frosting and on the top I spread some fruit.

At this time of the year it was very difficult to find good strawberries. I checked more than 7 different stores and everywhere they were terrible. Of course, it wasn't obligatory to use strawberries but I need the red color :)

Only the sign, the small wooden label is made out of fondant.

Happy birthday, Cristian!

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