Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas treats

Today I'll share with you my last sweet treats that I made before Christmas. I made them for my family, for my kids, for some friends and for my neighbors.

I baked these cookies dreaming for something different, for something that will bring me back to my childhood when we had the simple but absolutely real Christmas treats without any colorants and artificial preservatives. I was happy to feel the cinnamon, to taste the honey, to prepare something simple but with a lot of love...

The original recipe is with honey but this time I replace it with maple syrup. These cookies are so good,so good...

These cookies are perfect to be decorated with royal icing but from one side I wanted something simple, on the other side I didn't have enough time to decorate them and on the third side I am not good with the thin lines...:)

These chocolate muffins were for my neighbors. A small gift for those people that we met every single day, more often than our close friends....Merry Christmas everyone!

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