Friday, February 26, 2016

Nikola is already 11 years old!!!!

Our little son has grown so quickly....Today we celebrate his 11th birthday!!!Time really flies. It was like yesterday when "out little sun" was born....
As you know I don't post any personal photos and today it will be not an exception. I'll share with you only the cake made for our Nikola. Yes, cakes....3!!!! The reason for this big number of cakes is not that we had invited a lot of people. The main reason is that for today I made a very small cake - 15 cm diameter just for the family. The bigger one -20 cm diameter is for Nikola's friends tomorrow. Nikola wanted to make  boys' party with pizzas, chips, popcorn, cake and video games :)))

And the third one, the smallest cake, is be smashed on Nikola's face. This is his birthday wish :) That's why I made a very tiny cake with a lot of cream on the top because it will be the funniest part :)

Now let's start with the cakes...

The cake for his friends - vanilla layers with tender vanilla cream. All this is wrapped by chocolate ganache and the other decorations are made out of whipping cream. By the way all cake ideas belong to my son Nikola!!!!

This is the cake for tonight - chocolate layers with Swiss Mocha cream, covered by chocolate frosting. Again whipping cream and some melted chocolate....Also I made these 3 pops for my kids.

And here is the smallest cake that will be smashed on Nikola's face :)

Happy birthday , dear Nikola!!! We love you a lot!!!! You are the best son ever!!!!

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