Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween cookies

My last Halloween cookies are gluten-free. Irresistibly delicious, made with a lot of love and in high speed. At the very beginning I started everything with the idea just to make some gluten-free cookies for my kids - no decorations, nothing fancy, just some sweet treats. When they were baked I asked my kids what they think. Of course, they liked them but they asked me to cover the cookies with fondant. Honestly, I hadn't any energy to do this at 8 PM. But immediately I felt so guilty and guilty and guilty that I couldn't find a little bit of energy and time to make something cute for my kids that I got down to work although I was so exhausted from the whole day. I covered the cookies with fondant, then I started to decorate them with the edible dyes.
Here is the final result...

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